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Day 100! And Jodie is Still In Her House! #defendjodie.

One hundred days ago Morgan Stanley was threatening to send in the sheriffs and a moving truck the next morning to evict Jodie Randolph from her house in Alameda, California. One hundred days ago it looked like Jodie Randoph, grandmother and cancer patient, might be out in the street. But it was also one hundred days ago that the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group swung into action, invading Morgan Stanley’s Oakland offices and calling for anyone and everyone to show up at 9:00 AM the next day to prevent the … Continued


OccupyMarin: Wells Fargo Foreclosure Rally – 7/11/2012 Photos

Wells Fargo stop the foreclosures OccupyMarin Rally As an update (7/11/12 10pm) to Patricia and John’s foreclosure case: The eviction notice says they should be gone out of their house by July 23 at midnight. Some of us from OccupyMarin and OccupyOakland are planning on coming over to their home’s front yard and camp there to stop the Sheriff and Wells Fargo from evicting Patricia and John. If you cannot join us, please support us by calling Wells Fargo and elected Officials, their phone numbers are as follows: Wells Fargo: 800-853-8516 Lynn Woolsey: 415-507-9554 … Continued


Wells Fargo Bank taking home from 60-year old woman, help is needed!

The following post is in support with a homeowner in need, who reached out to OccupyMarin for help. Update 07/11/2012 10pm: The phone calls made Wells Fargo to turn off the extension number! That is a victory, they are getting annoyed!! Keep Calling!! Here is a new number to  call: 1-800-853-8516 Patricia and John were given the eviction date that Wells Fargo wants them out, it  is July 23rd at midnight! Some of us are planning on camping infront of their home to stop the eviction! We need to show up … Continued


LIBERATE YOUR MONEY by May Day! (Ongoing Bank Divestment Action)

http://www.facebook.com/events/231658936933022/ Attention everyone who cares about solidarity, re-investing in local communities and sending a message to big banking institutions that we are fed up with their unethical, greedy mismanagement of our money – your money is being held hostage by big banks and IT IS TIME TO LIBERATE IT!! **Wait, so why move my money?** * Because your bank makes billions in profits but pays almost no taxes. * Because your bank gets rich by charging you huge, unnecessary fees. * Because your bank bribes your politicians. * Because your … Continued


Private Prisons as Profit Factories – How Banks & Wall St Control & Profit from the (In)Justice System

The bottom-line goal of a private prison system is to turn a profit, without consideration for – and often to the detriment of – any benefit to society. This is true of all public resources that are being undermined by privatization – water, land, education, even the administration of public assistance benefits (JP Morgan turns a healthy profit from processing food stamps). People will argue that privatization is more efficient. I agree. Private prisons are more efficient at turning public funds into profit for their shareholders, which include “too-big-to-fail” Wells … Continued