The NDAA Passed – where where you?? Occupy Earth – this is a priority…

Well, we went out there to the occupy SF raleigh, was a scene as usual, sisters, brothers out on the streets peacefully protesting against the treatment of the majority, us, by the selfish, greedy 1% that don’t care about anything other than themselves and their power and monetary gain. I was saddened that on today, on “Bill of Rights” Day – congress was able to pass the NDAA – indefinite detention without trial. You think Guantanamo was bad, this is Guantanamo on a worldwide stage, and President Obama looks like … Continued


DHS – protecting the U.S. Gov’t. from it’s citizens — we don’t have to take this anymore

Good morning Oakland, I’ve been watching events in Oakland for the past several weeks and am becoming more incensed at the police/DHS brutality by the day. So, I took ACTION this morning by creating the following statement on’s SoapBox (available to all citizens, presumably read by someone in D. C.), as well as writing my Senators and Representative about the Police State that is passing for America these days.  If you are in agreement with this statement of solidarity among U.S. Citizens in demanding their constitutionally-protected rights amid terrorism … Continued


People Of Occupy Oakland YOU Make Us Proud

To ALL the people in the Occupy Oakland Movement; You are making it possible for the rest of us Americans to be Proud once again.  Thank You For Your Efforts, They Will NEVER Be Forgotten 2805


Who is the 99% and What Does That Mean?

When considering the statement, “We are the 99%” it’s important to distinguish between the message as “symbol” and the literal meaning. While to some this distinction is clear, to many others it isn’t.  That is, obviously the occupy movement doesn’t “represent” in any real way the 99%: 1% is approximately three million people in the US. Adding to that the much larger percent of people hired to defend the interests of that 1%, like the  private security (see this article for more on the subject: ), public police forces … Continued