Occupy Oakland General Strike Press Conference

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On October 31st, a press conference was held in Latham Square, at the intersection of Telegraph & Broadway, the epicenter of the Oakland General Strike of 1946.



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2 Responses to “Occupy Oakland General Strike Press Conference”

  1. crispin

    America by consensus, our liberty or death!
    That is exactly
    what American freedom stands for. ”
    We the people.”
    Everyone seems to know this except for t
    he bureaucrats in Washington who’s ears are deafened by
    their own entitlement. Their entitlement manifest itself in self
    raises, personal social security, health care and pensions.
    And if that is not enough Washington is suppose to reflect the
    people. I see only lawyers! Why are there no carpenters or
    artists or actors or moms or merchants or clergy in the Senate
    or House. That woud be a concensus of the people. Instead
    we are being told by a very small elite who are selling us out
    to corporations for their own engrandizement, here is what we
    have decuded for you. Except now they can’t even deide.
    More than ever we need a concensus by the people and for
    the poeple. We need to be represented by many people’s
    voices and not just lawyers. We need to affirm that this is our
    land, our government, our society. Time and again, we the
    99% have given them an opportunity and we trusted them to
    fulfill their promise and every time they are elected they disregard
    us and make a career out of what is to be a four year job,
    not fourty. Nothing corrupts absolutely like absolute power.
    In reality the people have the power. United we stand, so do
    not divide. Unite! Stay united. Vote with your feet and your
    pocket book, Use the internet and social media. In one day we
    could all refuse to buy anything and totally stop the US economy.
    One email action that we unite on could make the earth stand still.
    Look at the response in NY when just a
    few weekends ago all took their money out of Bank of America.
    This movement is not just an abstract hope because there is action.
    We have momentum. We have already reach a concensus world wide and
    that is to act together for the benefit of all mankind not just those
    few at the top. Remenber it is the base of the pyramid that supports the top.
    Take away the base and the pyramid crumbles.Continue today and
    everyday take away just one brick from the wall. Wall street.
    “Freedom, a government for the people by the people”, not just lawyers.
    Next time you vote, don’t vote for a lawyer for public office, vote for a citizen
    and rid ourselves of the promise breakers and of the corporate deal makers.
    We have become a CORPacracy. All this ends everyday we stand united.
    We are the people of America, get up and stand up for your rights.
    Be good to yourself, be part to a concensus.

  2. zuchinno

    We should occupy homes. Put the dispossessed’s belongings BACK after foreclosure! Rent control should mean foreclosed landlords’ tenants should be allowed to stay!