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Agenda for 10/19 General Assembly – Everyday at 7pm in the Amphitheater of Oscar Grant Plaza

Guest speaker: A Greek comrade will call in from the general strike there to give us some words of solidarity! Open Forum Question:  How can we strengthen our solidarity with other occupations? )Tomorrow’s question: Gang injunctions and youth curfew which will be discussed in next Tuesday’s City Council Meeting.) Committee Announcements – Updates from committees, including their meeting times and quick announcements Autonomous Action Announcements – Get pumped about upcoming actions coming out of occupyoakland! Announcements from other occupations – What’s up at occupysf, occupy wall street… Proposals – Today: … Continued


Letter in Solidarity with California Prison Hunger Strike 10/17/2011

10/17/2011 A Letter to the prisoners on hunger strike in the Security Housing Unit (SHU) of Pelican Bay State Prison and those in other units joining them. We, as members of Occupy Oakland, send our support for your strike against the cruel and inhumane conditions of imprisonment. We honor you as defenders of human and civil rights, and stand in solidarity with your demands in the struggle over prison conditions. Our community at Oscar Grant Plaza has the opportunity to incorporate great lessons from your strike; the challenge will be to match your courage and … Continued


Resolution In Solidarity With #OWS and Condemning NYPD From Occupy Oakland 10/14/2011

10/14/2011 Occupy Oakland denounces the violent police repression of protesters on Wall Street. Several of these protesters were brutally beaten and arrested, and one legal observer from NLG was run over by a police motorcycle and had his leg broken. We here in Oakland say SHAME on the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg and demand that all the protesters be freed and all charges dropped. We demand that Occupy Wall Street be allowed to continue without police repression. Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the occupation movement that is growing in … Continued


In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, the many occupations underway across the country and Indigenous Resistance Day, Occupy Oakland lives! 10/8/2011

    To the people (aka the 99%): Our only demand is an invitation: Join Us! We are reclaiming public space to use as a forum for the people to come together, meet one another, listen to each other, and build power for ourselves. Occupy Oakland is more than just a speak-out or a camp out. The purpose of our gathering here is to plan actions, to mobilize real resistance, to defend ourselves from the economic and physical war that is being waged against our communities. We look forward to making … Continued


Original Meaning of Democracy: Occupy Capacities

The fundamental problem with our democracy is not that it is polluted or corrupted by ‘money’ and ‘corporate’ interest. From concept to the concrete realities that have subordinated the well-fare of the majority (99%) to the bottom line of corporations, our democracy has been functioning according to its original design. Our democracy was designed to promote, protect and preserve the interest of private property, especially as this multifaceted task pertains to 1% appropriating the social production of wealth. The point here is that there is no ‘fix’ to our current … Continued


demonstration today at Chase Bank: 51st and Broadway

demonstrate against Chase Bank and it unwillingness to renegotiate mortgages.  foreclosures.  Today, Thursday, Oct. 20.  3:30 pm http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/10/17/18693986.php   814


THE OSCAR GRANT PLAZA GAZETTE Wednesday, October 20, 2011 Day 11.

THE OSCAR GRANT PLAZA GAZETTE Wednesday, October 20, 2011    Day 11. “the commons is back” FROM A COMRADE Via Twitter:  #OccupyOakland expansion occupation @ Snow Park successfully made it through the night after facing possible eviction by the police! Notes from Wednesday’s General Assembly : • Sat 10/22, day in recognition of police brutality * Rally, 11am amphitheater march, noon to grand lake, fmr mrkt, lakeshore banks.  Working group to discuss tactics/strategies meeting daily (ask at Info tent). • A comrade from the Denver occupation speaking at the ga tonight: … Continued


General Assembly 10/19/2011

I. Welcome  • The General Assembly may be the most important part of the occupation- we ask for your patience as this process is still developing. To practice respect for one another by allowing people to speak without interruption. • Skype session with Greece: Didn’t get to happen, they are storming banks and dealing with police! Will try to talk with them again in the future.  Plan to talk with Slovenia and Italy in the future. II. Welcome Announcements  III. Agenda Overview  IV. Forum:  “ How can we strengthen our solidarity with … Continued