meeting notes

Occupy Oakland Media Team Meeting Notes 10/27/11

Next meeting: Friday, 10/28 at 6pm, steps of building near amphitheater, Oscar Grant Plaza Discussion: Link police brutality to the concerns of the 99% Don’t preach to the choir We can move forward on the press release with consensed upon proposal and time Clarify political points later What’s our ask What do we want post-strike We’re not empowered to figure out messaging and frames We only have the language of the accepted proposal and time We need to have a press release for the strike and a press conference beforehand … Continued


GA minutes 10-26-11

10/26/11 Arrival Time: 7:20 pm Approximate Head Count: 2,000 I may have missed parts that occurred before or after the starting and ending time.  I may have missed parts due to the fact that it was crowded, and there was low lighting. INTRODUCTION You need to submit your proposals online.  Three people need to make the proposal.  A phone number needs to be included on the proposal.  We will collect any written proposals now. (for review???) We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains) Facilitation group meets on the plaza … Continued