General Strike

People Of Occupy Oakland YOU Make Us Proud

To ALL the people in the Occupy Oakland Movement; You are making it possible for the rest of us Americans to be Proud once again.  Thank You For Your Efforts, They Will NEVER Be Forgotten 2805



SCHEDULE FOR NOVEMBER 2nd: Notes all events start at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant (OG) Plaza at City Hall unless otherwise noted (e.g. children’s events). Youth/School related events highlighted Morning 9am – Rally & Press Conference 9:55am – “I Will Survive…Capitalism” flashmob – (join us! 10am – March and Bank Actions/Mobilization 11 am – Rally at Laney College (Lake Merrit BART), March to OUSD and then to OG Plaza* – FLYER ATTACHED Afternoon 12 noon – Children’s Gathering @ Oakland Public Library (main branch) and march to OG plaza 12 noon … Continued


General Strike for school students

Hi, I am bringing my 9 year old downtown on Wednesday, will work with his teacher to create a special study unit for him for the day – reporting back to his class. Concern re his safety in the throngs – is there a special meeting place for families on the day? would really help – and a huge THANK YOU for all that is being done in our names – three members of the 99%. 2427


Press Release: Occupy Oakland Calls for General Strike November 2, 2011 For Information Contact: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Occupy Oakland Calls for General Strike November 2, 2011 Occupy Oakland calls for Mass Day of Action inclusive of all stakeholders: individual citizens & families,schools, civil workers, community/affinity organizations, labor, students, and businesses .November 1, 2011 – Oakland, CA – In the aftermath of the government crackdown of Occupy Oakland,Occupy Oakland’s GA has announced a general strike to commence November 2, 2011. The call is proposed to all stakeholders, from concerned individuals to organizations, from schools and churches to for-profit businesses … Continued


Occupy Oakland Media Team Meeting Notes 10/27/11

Next meeting: Friday, 10/28 at 6pm, steps of building near amphitheater, Oscar Grant Plaza Discussion: Link police brutality to the concerns of the 99% Don’t preach to the choir We can move forward on the press release with consensed upon proposal and time Clarify political points later What’s our ask What do we want post-strike We’re not empowered to figure out messaging and frames We only have the language of the accepted proposal and time We need to have a press release for the strike and a press conference beforehand … Continued



I believe that Oakland’s General Strike & Mass Day of Action on November 2 ought to go global to show solidarity with our Occupy brothers and sisters of Oakland. The Occupy LA is preparing for a Bank Transfer Day on November 5. This ought to go global too. Do not get arrested! If an occupation is forced to move by law inforcement, why not pick another strategic location; the mountain top removal company, Masi (spelling?) closed their union worker plants in one city and openned another in a different location … Continued