Federal Judge Allows Eviction of Albany Bulb Residents. Occupation Begins.

A valiant attempt by Albany Bulb residents, supporters and legal representatives to stave off eviction with a federal civil rights lawsuit failed today (Monday, November 18th), as the judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order against the eviction. A federal judge cleared the way Monday for Albany to evict about 60 homeless people from their tents on a waterfront landfill known as the Bulb, saying they had failed to show that the removal would violate their rights. At the hearing in San Francisco, Breyer quickly dismissed the arguments by … Continued


Community Gathering to Defend the Albany Bulb. Stop the Evictions! – Photos

” Dozens Gather at Albany Bulb to Oppose Eviction of Encampment Roughly 100 people gathered for a meeting at the Albany Bulb tonight, Saturday, to talk about possible ways to stop the city’s plan to begin enforcing the no-camping ordinance next month against the Bulb’s estimated 60-70 inhabitants.  Read more: http://albany.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/dozens-gather-at-albany-bulb-to-oppose-eviction-of-encampment Learn more about the Albany Bulb tent community please visit: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/09/13/1238489/-Albany-CA-to-Evict-70-People-Because-Cruelty# 52728


Defend GG’s home! Fuck The Banksters!

“GG has been a key member of our group from the beginning. Whether it’s door-knocking, closing down a bank, or planning an action, GG is there. Meanwhile, in her own home, US Bank put her into a fraudulent loan she couldn’t pay and then foreclosed on her, but she’s been keeping them at bay for a long time. Various judges have granted her stays of eviction and told US Bank to negotiate a loan modification, but the bank wants the home.” More about this article: foreclosuredefensegroup.wordpress.com/#GG GG’s Story: foreclosuredefensegroup.wordpress.com/successes/ggs-story/ GG and Orion … Continued


Pat, 90+ Lady, Defending Jodie Randolph Against Morgan Stanley Bank Eviction – 2012/11/08

[Note: this message originally was meant to be for my FB friends] Dear Human Beings please read this. SHORT VERSION: Please call John Sheldon Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Bank in San Francisco 415.576.2083 and tell him/them you want Jodie Randolph to stay in her house at 1624 Foley Street in Alameda, and want Morgan Stanley to accept her re-purchase offer on the terms she can afford. Questions: Foreclosure@occupyoakland.org  or Brooke: 510.388.4483. LONG/MORE DETAILS VERSION: I am writing you from Jodie’s home living room and I ask you to be … Continued