Rally for Alan Blueford (and OPD detaining two young Black men) 7/31/2012 Photos+Videos

IRONICALLY not long after the Alan Blueford rally, a young Black man that was killed by a police man, Oakland Police officers detained two young men that were walking down the street. The two didn’t show any signs of suspicion or any threat whatsoever; but for some reason OPD had to pull out their guns and terrorized the two young men. Here is a quote from a witness (BellaEiko), who also shot the video of this incident. “I was just downtown Oakland at Awaken Cafe on like 15th & Broadway. I’m sitting … Continued


MUST SEE VIDEO: Don’t Talk to Cops

….as a reminder to myself, and to any activist: “An law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.” 37144


10 Ways Occupy Oakland Could Change This City for Good

10. Kill its plot to shut down “corporations” and ruin the lives of hardworking Americans, ones who vote in November and work five days a week and never deface the American flag or disrespect their country, because many of them consider themselves lucky to live in a place where they have the right to occupy Frank Ogawa Plaza—and EARN their living. 9. Instead of demanding that the Fed implement change, Occupy should do it itself: Start a business the American way Amadeo Giannini did in San Francisco in 1904, when he opened The Bank of Italy … Continued