Rally for Alan Blueford (and OPD detaining two young Black men) 7/31/2012 Photos+Videos

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IRONICALLY not long after the Alan Blueford rally, a young Black man that was killed by a police man, Oakland Police officers detained two young men that were walking down the street. The two didn’t show any signs of suspicion or any threat whatsoever; but for some reason OPD had to pull out their guns and terrorized the two young men.

Here is a quote from a witness (BellaEiko), who also shot the video of this incident.

I was just downtown Oakland at Awaken Cafe on like 15th & Broadway. I’m sitting outside with Brownie (my little ass dog) and the police swoop up and PULL THEIR GUNS OUT on not 1 but 2 INNOCENT BLACK MEN walking casually down the street… I caught it all on tape. Here is the video. Please spread it around, Oakland has gone through this type of violence for way too long. Alan Blueford was one of the most recent ones and I was down there filming a rally where his family was speaking in the plaza moments before this happened. Like this was my break from filming and this is just what happened. The young men got released right in front of us by the way. They were innocent, not acting suspiciously or anything.” ~BellaEiko

Video of the cops arresting the two young men: http://bambuser.com/v/2870410

Video of one of the speakers at the rally:  http://youtu.be/Hdoz3xILcfo

Photos of the rally and the detention:


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