If I owe the bank thousands, the bank owns me; but if, together, we owe the bank trillions, then we own the banks.   Strike Debt is responsible for the Rolling Jubilee, a mutual-aid project that buys debt at steeply discounted prices and then abolishes it; the Corinthian 100 Student Debt Strike; and the Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual. On Saturday, June 6, Strike Debt Bay Area, the local chapter of Strike Debt, will host a Debtors’ Assembly. As individuals, families, and communities, most of us are drowning in debt for … Continued


Defend GG’s home! Fuck The Banksters!

“GG has been a key member of our group from the beginning. Whether it’s door-knocking, closing down a bank, or planning an action, GG is there. Meanwhile, in her own home, US Bank put her into a fraudulent loan she couldn’t pay and then foreclosed on her, but she’s been keeping them at bay for a long time. Various judges have granted her stays of eviction and told US Bank to negotiate a loan modification, but the bank wants the home.” More about this article: GG’s Story: GG and Orion … Continued


OccupyMarin: Wells Fargo Foreclosure Rally – 7/11/2012 Photos

Wells Fargo stop the foreclosures OccupyMarin Rally As an update (7/11/12 10pm) to Patricia and John’s foreclosure case: The eviction notice says they should be gone out of their house by July 23 at midnight. Some of us from OccupyMarin and OccupyOakland are planning on coming over to their home’s front yard and camp there to stop the Sheriff and Wells Fargo from evicting Patricia and John. If you cannot join us, please support us by calling Wells Fargo and elected Officials, their phone numbers are as follows: Wells Fargo: 800-853-8516 Lynn Woolsey: 415-507-9554 … Continued


Wells Fargo Bank taking home from 60-year old woman, help is needed!

The following post is in support with a homeowner in need, who reached out to OccupyMarin for help. Update 07/11/2012 10pm: The phone calls made Wells Fargo to turn off the extension number! That is a victory, they are getting annoyed!! Keep Calling!! Here is a new number to  call: 1-800-853-8516 Patricia and John were given the eviction date that Wells Fargo wants them out, it  is July 23rd at midnight! Some of us are planning on camping infront of their home to stop the eviction! We need to show up … Continued