open letter to occupy oakland

OPEN LETTER TO OCCUPY OAKLAND. Oakland is a beautiful city with many hearts. This city is vibrant and very passionate about its nieghborhoods and the familys within them. There is now a growing unrest directed towards Occupy Oakland. This stems from the Anarchists takeover and co-opting the movement to use it as a platform for there destuctive ways. This letter will game you up on what’s to come.. As of today july 5th 2012 there is a gathering of people who are tired of your lack of respect for anything, … Continued


RCP? Really?

The last couple of GA’s I have been to there has been an increase in RCP visibility.  I find this disturbing for a couple of reasons. Yes I will give you a bulleted list because bullets are “revolutionary”. R.C.P.-Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.  I am not sure why they insist on having the word “revolutionary” in their acronym.  I suppose there must have been a non-revolutionary Communist Party at one point that was only concerned with having bake sales and organizing a bowling league. Maoist-The RCP is stated to be a Maoist organization.  If … Continued