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RCP? Really?

The last couple of GA’s I have been to there has been an increase in RCP visibility.  I find this disturbing for a couple of reasons. Yes I will give you a bulleted list because bullets are “revolutionary”. R.C.P.-Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.  I am not sure why they insist on having the word “revolutionary” in their acronym.  I suppose there must have been a non-revolutionary Communist Party at one point that was only concerned with having bake sales and organizing a bowling league. Maoist-The RCP is stated to be a Maoist organization.  If … Continued


Old Punks love Occupy

Skip to the last 2 minutes, she does a cover of the Dils “Class War” with updated lyrics and some love for Occupy. here are the original lyrics from The Dils version. I wanna war, between the rich and the poor I wanna fight and know what I’m fighting for In a class war, class war, class war, class war This war, that war, class war, last war In New York and LA City Halls are falling down There is no escape When a class war comes to town Class … Continued


Be the change

I hear a lot of people talking about change. About how white people need to acknowledge their privilege. How straight people need to acknowledge their presumption/prejudice. How males need to be conscious of their dominance. These are all insightful and true. We do live in a patriarchal eurocentric society.  The monoculture of which we all partake conditions us to perceive non-heterosexual orientation as un-normal, an aberration, or at best, a quirky character on a hit sitcom. This same monoculture teaches us that black people and white people are “different”.  So much so that it is … Continued


Hoof Arted?

I was not at the Sunday Dec 5th Occupy Oakland GA Ogawa/Grant Plaza  I really wish I had been, as it may have been the last GA that approached a true demographic representation of Oakland’s diversity. I also regret not being at that GA for what I missed.   And here I wish that someone would clue me in.  What DID I miss? Did some freaky young person streak naked through the assembly?  Did Andy Dick crash the party and vomit on someone? Was there an actual fistfight? Did the … Continued


The headwaters of Decolonize

I may be wrong in my assumption here, but it appears to me the initiative to rename the OWS,  movement originated with Johnpaul Montano’s open letter to OWS, dated October 3rd. Which in turn seems to have been initiated by the OWS “one demand” statement of Sept 22nd. I see much identical thinking when I compare Montano’s open letter with the Occupy Oakland/Decolonize Oakland proposal.  I also see a lot that is left out.  For example there is no attempt to reconcile the difference between the “colonizers” who don’t give … Continued


Black Block not black block.

Black Blocks are an integral part of left dissent, They have been for a long time. But they need to be part of the demonstration, not counter to it. If the mass of people doesn’t want black block direct action, than they need to respect that.  When the mass of the people demands direct physical intervention, the Block should be there. Black Block is not just a fucking costume you put on. It’s the backbone of resistance to police tactics. It’s true place is in resisting a push by riot … Continued