GA Minutes

GA Minutes: 11.30.11

Oakland General Assembly November 30, 2011 Fruitvale Plaza Approximate Start Time: 6:00pm Approximate Head Count: 109 votes (125+ present at the beginning of the meeting) Notes by G. WELCOME If you are harassed or arrested, contact the National Lawyers Guild at phone #: 415.285.1011. Not intended to replace 911. To receive updates on the movement, text “bayaction” to 41411 AGENDA ○  Video “Immigrants For Sale,” in Spanish and English on American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), CCA (Russel Pearce), GEO and SB-1070; $5 Billion annual revenue ○  All of Us or … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.28.11

Oakland General Assembly Date___11/28/11____ Approximate Start Time:____6:45___pm Approximate Head Count: ____104________ Notes by: AJ FORUM Topic: Brainstorming Creative Actions to Take the Movement Forward Major takeaways: Start a Defense Committee responsible for coming up with non-violent tactics. This Committee will be responsible for defending our ‘occupation’ or ‘vigil’. Community gardens to feed and beautify the diverse communities of Oakland. Legal and permanent indoor space for the GA so that the elderly, people with children, and those who do not wish to sit in the cold/rain will attend. Continuing our work on foreclosed homes but in a creative way, that … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.25.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/25/11 Start Time: 6:00 Approximate Head Count: (Not sure) From Livestream and Twitter – (These notes are not very detailed…this is just a gist of what was gleaned online)     WELCOME (Not sure)   FORUM (Not sure)   COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (Not sure)   PROPOSALS We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains) Submit proposals to, or submit in person on paper.  Three or more people must endorse a proposal and be present during its presentation to the GA.  This is how we run the GA (explains process, hand … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.23.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/23/11 Arrival Time:  6:30 Approximate Head Count: 117 WELCOME FORUM (I was not present for the whole forum) COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (6:55 pm)  Black Friday Shenanigans: We are meeting late at night at 40th and Hollis in Emeryville at 11:45pm.  We will work morning shifts all the way up until the Shellmound protest.  Contact: Business Liaison:  On Friday we’ll party here to support local businesses.  We want to attract attention to Mama Buzz Café.  They are at risk of losing their lease and may have to move due … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.21.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/21/11 Arrival Time:  6:00 Approximate Head Count: 300 WELCOME (6:15 pm) This is the General Assembly.  It is based on Participatory Democracy.  This is how it works (description read regarding participation, the assembly, committees, etc).  This is who will do each role tonight (reads off who will facilitate, keep time, take stack, and be crowd advocates).  This is where you may sit if you want to smoke.  Practice respect.  FORUM (I was not present for the forum) COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (7:05 pm) (I missed many of these announcements) … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.20.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/20/11 Start Time:  6:30  Approximate Head Count: 200 (F in bolded text: messages from the facilitator/s)   WELCOME   AGENDA Forum Committees/Subcommittees/Caucus Report Backs Proposals (1. Endorsement of 99 Faces; 2. Property Damage  3. Action Agreements) Action Announcements and General Announcements   FORUM (6:45) F: The past 36 hours showed the strength and vibrancy of this growing movement.  What were the highs and lows about the last day and a half, and what does this tell us about moving forward?  Please discuss in groups of ten to … Continued


GA Minutes: 11.18.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/18/11 Arrival Time:  6:43 (I arrived in the middle of the committee announcements) Approximate Head Count: 300 (F in bolded text: messages from the facilitator/s)   COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (Time begun?…) Labor Committee: I’m John and I was a part of the proposal for the march coming up on Saturday.  I’m sorry to say that the organization of the march has been such that many voices have been silenced.  In my opinion it has been co-opted by the Democratic Party.  I regret how the march will turn out. … Continued


Nov 20, 2011 GA Recording from livestream

As a supplement to the  minutes  here is a link to the November 20,2011 GA This link can be demoted or appended to the bottom of the minutes once they are posted. 7115


GA Minutes 11.16.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/16/11 Arrival Time:  7:18 (I arrived at the end of the committee announcements) Approximate Head Count: 250   COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (Time begun?…) Black Panther History Teach in…coming soon (not sure of day and time) Facilitation: We have drafted a new process for collective decision making and amendments.  We’ll bring it to you on Friday. Coordinating Committee: We meet at 4pm on the steps.   SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Ron’s message: Please watch out for your children here, and watch out for the DEA, please.   PROPOSALS (6:30 pm) We … Continued