GA Minutes 11.16.11

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Oakland General Assembly


Arrival Time:  7:18 (I arrived at the end of the committee announcements)

Approximate Head Count: 250



  • Black Panther History Teach in…coming soon (not sure of day and time)
  • Facilitation: We have drafted a new process for collective decision making and amendments.  We’ll bring it to you on Friday.
  • Coordinating Committee: We meet at 4pm on the steps.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Ron’s message: Please watch out for your children here, and watch out for the DEA, please.


PROPOSALS (6:30 pm)

  • We have cultivated a modified consensus making process. (Explains)
  • Submit proposals to, or submit in person on paper.  Three or more people must endorse a proposal and be present during its presentation to the GA.
  • This is how we run the GA (explains process, hand signals, vote count, etc).
  • We’ve made some changes to the amendment process: If the proposal fails, at least one friendly amendment must be accepted.  Then it may pass only with 90% approval after a second vote.


1. National Day of Action: Several occupations have been attacked across the US (Portland, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Denver, SF, and NYC).  The media has reported that Homeland Security has been involved with mayors in coordination of these attacks. We propose coordinating a response: we should call on all other occupations to join our November 19th action. 

  • Clarifying Questions and Answers
    • Are you proposing an action or a call-out? – It’s a call-out.
    • What exactly are we going to be doing? – We are going to reestablish our encampment.
    • Is this going to be a convergence, or in separate cities? – The occupations can come out where ever they are.
    • Is this in connection with the Labor March? – Yes, but we have to think about how it will fit in.
    • Why did Rocket sit in jail when we have a bail fund? – This is important, but not relevant now.
    • How does this coordinate with NYC’s international action that is planned for tomorrow? – Yes, this is important.  Hopefully tomorrow’s action will feed into a possible Saturday action.
    • Pros
      •  We should keep it vague.  We should think about what state repression means to us.
      • It doesn’t interfere with our plans on November 19th.  It is specific – it’s about state repression.
      • Con
        • How would the other movements actually support this?
        • Why should NY answer us if we haven’t answered them?
        • It’s not very specific.  We will lack legitimacy to bring out the masses.
        • We need more time in reestablishing an occupation.
        • We need more black and latin people in the movement – outreach in the community.



89% Approval: THIS MAY BE AMENDED.

Yes: 227

No:  33

Abstain:  39



  • Change it to: “The positive potential” so that it’s not ambiguous.
  • We should change the wording in general.
  • It should be on a different date.
  • It needs more of a focus.
  • We should mention the other days of action.


RESTATEMENT: National Day of Action: Several occupations have been attacked across the US (Portland, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Denver, SF, and NYC).  The media has reported that Homeland Security has been involved with mayors in coordination of these attacks. We propose coordinating a response: we should call on all other occupations to join our November 19th action.  We will build upon the potential the movement holds in fighting authorities. We acknowledge the NYC day of action to be held on November 17, 2011.




Yes: 218

No:  24

Abstain:  19




2      19th and Telegraph Occupation: We propose that we use space at a neighboring park in the Uptown in Oakland for several reasons (names all reasons). We want to put pressure on the business community and the police.  We propose that on Saturday, November 19th, we set up a new camp at 19th and Telegraph.

  • Clarifying Questions and Answers
    • What are the plans for the property? – It is partially unused space and partially a park.
    • Is there a school near this area?  What is your plan for minors being near the area? – (no answer)
    • What is the security plan? – We can’t answer this specifically yet, but it will be taken care of.
    • What is the plan for police reaction to this? – (no answer)
    • Do we know if this is public or private land? – The land is owned by the city.  Corporations have spent a lot of money on artwork and statues in this park – It’s like it’s available for us.
    • Has there been outreach to the residents near the area? – Outreach is happening now.  It’s being presented to the public now.  Outreach to your neighbors now.
    • Have you asked the people at our satellite camps what they think? – (no answer)
    • When we reoccupy, will there be a zero tolerance policy on sexual assault? – We believe it should not be allowed period.
    • If that doesn’t work, do you have a plan B?  What about Little Bobby Hutton Park? – (no answer)
    • Pros
      • I’m in support of this.  It’s a nice area.
      • We need a new home in a nice neighborhood where we will get support.
      • I like this proposal but things might go against us if it’s in a residential area.
      • I like this, but we need to support those who live in the area as well and be as one.
      • We can take that park and take this plaza.
      • We just hooked up lots of tents to set up.  We gotta do it.
      • Cons
        • If it’s gonna be shut down, then it might be hidden from public view and people won’t be able to see it.
        • It’s a great target but it’s not sustainable.
        • It’s easy to get surrounded there, like Snow Park.  We need to occupy this plaza.



90.9% Approval

Yes: 181

No:  18

Abstain:  24


3      Victory Garden At the Plaza: We propose planting a garden here at the plaza, to show how we can provide food for the people, beautify the area, and serve as part of our presence.


  • Clarifying Questions and Answers
    • Can we trade work in the garden as official recognition of Oscar Grant? – (no answer)
    • Do we have a contingency plan for when the city and the cops come and rip up the garden? – (no answer)
    • How would it stand in the way of the reoccupation? – Not the whole plaza; it could be any size.
    • What would be grown? – Everything, but it would mainly be food.
    • How wedded are we to the name “Victory Garden?” – Not at all.
    • How much space would be allocated to gardening? – Any size.
    • Pros
      • It will invoke a sense of community, and it will feed people.
      • The land needs attention.
      • Occupy with fruit trees!
      • Cons
        • Tents are important.  Don’t let this be a defeat.
        • The name “Victory Garden” is really a bad idea.  (proposers changed their minds and left the naming open)




Yes: 123

No:  4

Abstain: 12



  • Jennifer Lovewell; Western Worker’s Assoc: 1141 Peralta Street; 510 832 2111: West Oakland Group interested in supporting the movement, starting neighborhood GA’s and combatting negative media messages.
  • Update on Francisco Ramos Stierle’s (Pancho) arrest: The DA decided not to press charges.  However he is still being held by the request of ICE (may be coming in 5 days).  Pleas call Barbara Lee for support and advocacy: 510-763-0370. Also call the Santa Rita Jail: 925-551-6500.  Watch the website, twitter, and FB for further action.  Pancho encourages us to act in peace, love and kindness.
  • Sunday, Nov. 27th,  11am-5pm: All Day Strategy/Skill Share for Reclaiming Space.
  • We need to send Running Wolf some energy, right under that tree.  We need to let him know that we will be right back.
  • OSF: We need some support.  We appreciate the support you gave us before.  We want to stay strong…we might be raided tomorrow night.   For alerts, text: occupysf to 234-200-4031.



I left before all of the final announcements were made at about 9:40 pm.




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