Foreclosure Defense Group

We provide front line foreclosure defense support for Oakland families. We also participate in greater Occupy Oakland councils on housing, reclamation, and land takeovers.



Foreclosure Defense Group Update – May 5, 2012

FORECLOSURE DEFENSE GROUP UPDATE – May 5, 2012 1. ACTION THIS THURSDAY! 2. OOFDG Debrief on Mayday DnR march 3. Updates: Emergency callout, Marquinita’s eviction, etc. 4. Upcoming: canvass, shifts in focus, la Fruitvale 5. CHECK THIS OUT! : Portland throws down! 6. GA announcement policy for OOFDG —————————————————- 1. Action this Thursday: We are collaborating on a fight in the Fruitvale: a teacher who has had her hours cut back to the point that she is now fighting to keep her home. She and other homeowners have organized a … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group Update: April 24, 2012

We focus on the Fruitvale GA Clearinghouse – FDG participation Mayday March Text alert system in effect More news 1. WE FOCUS ON THE FRUITVALE:  The Fruitvale is the neighborhood of Mr. Richard Harris, the homeowner we are currently aiding in his foreclosure fight ( and it is a neighborhood being massively hit by foreclosures in Oakland. We have been fielding calls from homeowners under attack but not in any meaningful number – especially in comparison to the scale of the displacement occurring. It is going to take intensive, … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group Update – April 7, 2012

FORECLOSURE DEFENSE GROUP UPDATE – April  7, 2012 Bank action this week! Solidarity with Nell and Synthia on Monday! Reportback on our foreclosure training Flyers and canvassing ——————————————- BANK ACTION THIS WEDNESDAY! We have been meeting with Richard Harris, a  homeowner in the Fruitvale who is facing foreclosure and who has just been denied a loan modification. An ex-state police officer and an ex-SF firefighter, he has been in his home for 25 years and the bank thinks he is just another entry on their balance sheets.  They think they … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 28, 2012

OO Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 28, 2012   Training this Tuesday for members OO Cookout Series foreclosure teachout Fights – underway and prospective Website(s) and the admin duties we love Next meeting  TRAINING THIS TUESDAY For members to get a grip on the basics of foreclosure process and the tactics of fighting back. Organizers from several groups already fighting foreclosure meet up with us to share knowledge and experience. Tuesday, April 3 8:00-10:00pm It’s Your Move Games and Hobbies 4920 Telegraph Avenue (Temescal), Oakland, CA 94609 OO Cookout … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 20, 2012

Hey all, Another busy week.  I’ll get right to it. IMPORTANT DATES: Foreclosure Fight training and teach out at the Occupy Oakland BBQ and SpeakoutSATURDAY, MARCH 24th, 1-5 pm RAINBOW PARK, Seminary and International Blvd Oakland, (yeah, where else man?) OOFDGroup members meeting SUNDAY, MARCH 25TH 12:30 PM (before General Assembly) 19TH AND TELEGRAPH WE’VE BEEN FIELDING CALLS FROM A NUMBER OF FOLKS ASKING FOR HELP.  At the moment there are four new cases to which we are responding and setting up house visits FOR.  There are also fights being … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 12, 2012

It’s been another big week with even more coming up. THIS PAST WEEK: 1. Our proposal to be recognized as a formal committee passed the GA with 98% approval. There’s been a lot of support for the expression of commitments and expectations of membership. Some members of other committees have stepped forward asking if I could direct them to the sources for these kinds of guidelines in the hopes of introducing similar language to their own respective efforts. Link to the proposal 2.UPDATE on the Mrs. Katy Mitchell fight: Chase … Continued


Our Founding Proposal Before GA – 3.4.12

PROPOSAL: OCCUPY OAKLAND GA Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group seeks full recognition as committee. Submitted to GA Facilitation Committee on March 4, 2012 via email. Contacts/proposers: Brooke Terpstra: 510.207.0182, Eve Lindi: 510.393.9944, CiCily Cooper: 917.514.3042, Formerly recognized as a working group of Occupy Oakland, we the Foreclosure Defense Group seek full recognition as an Occupy Oakland committee. We are the group that organized the Gayla Newsome re-occupation of December 6th and its subsequent SUCCESSFUL defense. We are the group that is helping Mrs Katie Mitchell of North Oakland … Continued