Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 28, 2012

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OO Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 28, 2012


  1. Training this Tuesday for members
  2. OO Cookout Series foreclosure teachout
  3. Fights – underway and prospective
  4. Website(s) and the admin duties we love
  5. Next meeting 


For members to get a grip on the basics of foreclosure process and the tactics of fighting back. Organizers from several groups already fighting foreclosure meet up with us to share knowledge and experience.

Tuesday, April 3
It’s Your Move Games and Hobbies
4920 Telegraph Avenue (Temescal), Oakland, CA 94609

OO Cookout Series – Foreclosure Teachouts

Last week at the OO Cookout held at the Rainbow Recreation Center in East Oakland, we gave a short teachout on the foreclosure crisis to a crowd of about 50 who had gathered.  Raining, no sound system, and way behind schedule (not our fault) it still elicited quite a response. Two thirds of those there were facing foreclosure or knew someone going through it.  One of the parks directors came up and asked for help with her situation. (The hostile head director who tried to get the event shut down was also seen loading down multiple plates with bbq and potato salad – we got pix!!)

We are going to do it again at 52nd and MLK in North Oakland this coming Saturday, March 31. The bbq will be from 12-5 and Foreclosure will be holding its teachout between 2-3 pm with an organizer as well as a homeowner who has successfully defended their home.
See more at

Foreclosure Fights – underway and prospective

Gayla Newsome and Mrs Katy remain in their homes with Mrs Katy putting ink to their trial loan modification not long ago. Dexter Cato has reoccupied his home in the Bayview and Kathryn Galves is fighting to save her home in SF. See
for info on Kathryn. This is an excellent story published in the SF Bayview:

On this side of the bay, there have been a few requests for help that have come our way.  Lawyers, non-profits…. the system has failed them and they are coming to Occupy for help.
This week there have been two more house visits to prospective foreclosure fights, both with sale dates in the next 2 to 4 weeks.  We are continuing to counsel with them, gather up support, formulate strategy as well as research their individual cases.
Look for a bank action coming in the next 1-2 weeks on these fights!!

We get requests for advice from all over the country and requests for teaching materials from other Occupies as well.  We gradually are putting together materials and perhaps some video from our internal training will be of some use in this regard.

Websites and webpresence

We are shooting for a more developed independent website on to be up and ready within 2 weeks. We have someone in the group who has taken this on.  It is the bare minimum right now but here is the url:

Anyone who wants to get on our supporter email list to stay updated can send their info to our email box and they’ll be in the loop.
They also can text their email info to the hotline number 510.207.0182

the facebook page:

the official Occupy Oakland Committee page of ours:

our email:


the hotline:  510.207.0182    We always answer.



As always,

12:30pm Sundays before GA
19th and Telegraph.

Come on by to plug in and work with us!


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