Foreclosure Defense Group Update: April 24, 2012

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  1. We focus on the Fruitvale
  2. GA Clearinghouse – FDG participation
  3. Mayday March
  4. Text alert system in effect
  5. More news

  The Fruitvale is the neighborhood of Mr. Richard Harris, the homeowner we are currently aiding in his foreclosure fight ( and it is a neighborhood being massively hit by foreclosures in Oakland. We have been fielding calls from homeowners under attack but not in any meaningful number – especially in comparison to the scale of the displacement occurring.

It is going to take intensive, door-to-door visits and organizing to reach those who are struggling to keep their homes.

At the moment we are putting together  “door-knocking” orientations and canvass precinct maps to effectively mount a neighborhood organizing campaign. This effort is slated to start in earnest once Mayday is past. So stay tuned for the dates of our orientations in the first weeks of May. Also see below for our contingent in the Mayday march

2. REMINDER: The “GA Clearinghouse” is this Wednesday:
This is an effort to get the different groups doing work around OO to cooordinate and share.
“Groups present what they are working on, folks can give feedback, and individuals hear about lots of actions and can find ways to hook up them.
Coordinating breakout discussions for groups working on similar themes
It will NOT be a decision-making space. No large group decisions made that day.
We see this as an experiment and if it works then hope make it happen periodically.”

The FDG is participating and giving a short presentation so come on down to OGP, 6pm for GA and see how the Spring is shaping up!

“May 1, 2012 3PM  March begins at Fruitvale BART Plaza – Rally, Aztec Dancers, Speakers – March to San Antonio Park – Music, Speakers, Children’s Activities – March to Oscar Grant Plaza – Ending Rally”

We will have a contingent replete with banners, signs and bilingual outreach materials!  We also will be representing in a program held in front of a bank along the route.  Note: this march is starting in and winding through the very neighborhood we have targeted in our current fight and canvassing push. Come on out, represent, and kick off our organizing campaign!! Look for the foreclosure banner ( I know… it’s gonna be a huge crowd, but we’ll be there somewhere!)

4.  TEXT ALERT SYSTEM: This is intended to be an emergency text alert system for time-critical responses in foreclosure or housing fights. If you are committed to responding and aiding in these fights physically and /or by participating in emergency phone/email blasts,  you can join the alert list by texting “OOForeclosure” to number 69302.  Note: this isn’t an update line or for the merely curious – this shit costs $$$; not a helluva lot but enough to be careful about blowing it up.

We responded to an emergency call from a tenant in West Oakland (Ghosttown) who was being harassed and threatened by their ex -landlord.  We put the call out , coordinated with East Bay Solidarity Network and successfully brought together a delegation to back them up in the delivery of a demand letter and issue a warning to the threatening party. Our response and help was appreciated so we just gained ourselves some more allies! … Another printer came forward to donate his services when I gave a presentation at the recent Michelle Shocked show at the Freight and Salvage.  A good thing, especially considering our upcoming neighborhood canvasses … We have received an invite to participate in E4E (Everything for Everyone) an occupy festival in Seattle that will be in August  – but I am a crusty, broke organizer so If anyone wants to go and represent, hit me up for the details.  Or what the hell – If you want to sponsor me with a train ticket or something to do this, that would be appreciated too.

– Brooke

As always
the email:
the hotline: 510.207.0182
membership Meetings: 12:30 pm Sunday before GA, 19th and Telegraph
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One Response to “Foreclosure Defense Group Update: April 24, 2012”

  1. David Rosen

    I would like to participate in foreclosure actions but am wondering how the process works. It would seem that some people are in foreclosure because they were steered into unsustainable loans and/or lost their jobs. Alternatively, some people are in foreclosure because they have mismanaged their finances, spending more money than they can afford. In other words, sometimes it’s the system that the problem and sometimes it’s the individual. Or perhaps some of both. I’d like to support people against the system and also support people to get their own finances in order. Can we do both? How can we approach this?
    Regards, David