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Yet Another Occupy Lawsuit Filed Against OPD: MayDay 2012 Beating.


Russell Bates, a well-known East Bay activist and Berkeley CopWatch member has filed suit against the Oakland Police for a beating he received at their batons on May 1st, 2012. May Day, 2012 was the scene of brutal attacks by the Oakland Police Department on peaceful protesters, beginning around noon when people were attacked just north of 14th & Broadway as police performed “snatch and grabs,” and continuing that night, when police without provocation charged into people in the vicinity of Oscar Grant Plaza after they had marched from Fruitvale … Continued




The fall of apartheid in South Africa in 1994 was a watershed victory. It culminated decades of struggle by the Black and Colored South African masses, a struggle supported by millions in the U.S. and around the world. The victory brought to power the Tripartite government of the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP), and the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU). Now, two decades later, the ANC-led Tripartite government represents big business’s interests — especially the interests of U.S. and European-based banks and corporations. … Continued


Heels to Heal: A Walk Around Lake Merritt for Alan Blueford May 3rd, 2014.


“Not all kids get to grow up the same in America. Not all kids get to finish growing up.” Please join the Blueford Family in a walk around lake Merritt as we use our heels to heal the community on the 2 year anniversary of Alan’s death–the event will be a celebration of Alan’s life and a time for The People to unite to “use your heels to heal the community”   A SOLIDARITY WALK AROUND LAKE MERRITT ON SATURDAY MAY 3RD, 2014 We will gather at the gazebo at Lake … Continued




BERKELEY POST OFFICE DEFENDERS STATEMENT ON THE ADVISORY COUNCIL’S HISTORIC PRESERVATION REPORT TO CONGRESS AS IT AFFECTS THE BERKELEY POST OFFICE SALE AND THE SALE OF OTHER SUCH HISTORIC POSTAL BUILDINGS. On April 17th, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation issued its Preserving Historic Post Offices report to Congress “on compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act for the closure and disposal of its historic postal facilities.” This report was requested by legislation initiated by Berkeley’s United States Representative in Congress Barbara Lee. The report tells us some that is new, and … Continued


Strike Debt Radio: The Federal Reserve May Be Reserved, But It’s Not Federal!


Episode 6 of Strike Debt Radio, airing on the Morning Mix on KPFA, was broadcast on 4/16/14.  Mike and Cassie of Strike Debt Bay Area explain what the Federal Reserve is – and what it is not.  And throw in some interesting sound effects to boot. Listen, learn and then increase your knowledge even further with Episodes 1 through 5, broadcast periodically on the Morning Mix since early December, 2013. Finally, enjoy the full Strike Debt Song. Episode 6: What is the Federal Reserve? 4/16/14 Episode 1: Drowning in Debt, … Continued


We Don’t Have the Videos You’re Looking For.


On February 18th, hundreds of Oaklanders showed up at the City Council meeting to testify against the Domain Awareness Center – in other words, against spying. Despite being confronted by scads of police inside the Council Chambers, outside of the chamber, and all around City Hall, despite being spied upon – literally - by OPD as seen in the picture taken that evening inside the Council Chambers, many got up and testified, including those in communities being targeted by Federal agents. Oakland claims they didn’t take video at this #DAC #oakmtg … Continued


Remember: The Only Good Fusion Center is a Star.


Much of this text is excerpted from the EFF’s newly issued excellent report and FAQ on Fusion Centers. On April 10, activists across the country will be participating in “Stop the Spy Centers: a National Day of Action Against Fusion Centers.” These activists have three demands: Shut down fusion centers. De-fund fusion centers. Release all suspicious activity reports and secret files. In Oakland, there will be a protest rally against Fusion Centers and the Domain Awareness Center (Oakland’s own Fusion Center). There are 78 recognized fusion centers listed on the Department of Homeland … Continued


Strike Debt Radio Asks: “What is Money, and Where Does it Come From?”


Strike Debt Radio, hosted by (he’s) Mike and (she’s) Cassie, aired its fifth segment Wednesday morning, April 2nd, on KPFA’s Morning Mix. They begin with the question of where money comes from (you might be surprised!) and end with an interview with Ellen Brown, an advocate of public banking. “Money is an idea…” “A thing we can exchange…” “A general equivalent between all things…” “Ones and zeroes on the banks’ computers.” “Only 3% of ‘money’ is coins and cash.” “All cash is money, but very little money is cash.” “Where … Continued


Santana Spills All: The Bad, the Worse and the Ugly at City Hall.


In a detailed interview with investigative reporter Winston Ali Smith, Deanna Santana, the former City Administrator of Oakland, spilled it all, providing confirmation of everything we figured was going on behind closed doors at City Hall, but – until now – had no proof of. Here are some excerpts from that interview: Q: What was it like working for Mayor Quan? A: Frustrating. First she’d be, like “Shoot the protesters!” Then a day later she was, like, “Oh, God, what have we done?” It was sickening to watch. Q: You … Continued


Public Banking at the Post Office!


Laura Wells, a well-known Oakland activist, will be speaking on a topic – public banking – that has received increased interest in the last few months. A variant on public banking, postal banking has received a “thumbs up” in a report issued by the Office of the Inspector General of the Post Office on how to help the Post Office maintain its solvency. It has also gotten the endorsement of some mainstream politicians such as Senator Elizabeth Warren. Public banks, a more general riff on the theme, are financial institutions … Continued