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Ferguson to Oakland: Demand Oakland’s Electeds Call for Indictment, Federal Prosecution.


Originally posted on Indybay. November 18, 2014 Occupy Oakland Police De-Militarization Working Group Michael Wilson Mayor Jean Quan and Mayor-elect Libby Schaaf: Re: Oakland residents need their government to ease the tensions surrounding the St. Louis County Grand Jury investigation of the death of Michael Brown. The atmosphere around the country in response to events in Ferguson, MO is no more highly-charged than here in Oakland where the statement “We are all Michael Brown” embodies the experiences of so many of our residents long-oppressed by the racist culture of … Continued


What Do David Rovics, Einstein and the Bay Area Light Brigade Have in Common?


Einstein the candidog, that is. The answer is… they were all at the Berkeley Post Office Monday, November 17th, along with some fifty other people, biting the good bite, lighting the good light, and singing against might makes right into the night to save the Berkeley Post Office from the privatizers with music and community. Berkeley Post Office Defenders put together the mini-concert, featuring David Rovics on the guitar singing “If Only It Were True,” “Commons” and other anti-capitalist songs. What’s the status of the Post Office fight? When the Postal Service announced … Continued


Strike Debt Radio Turns an Ear Towards Predatory Payday Loan and Check Cashing.


She’s not Mike. He’s not Cassie. And together on Strike Debt Radio the debt-dispatching duo expose the nasty business of Payday Loan shops. These shops operate on the fringes of the law, charging what amounts to 300% – 1000% and more interest on the money they lend, trapping people in a bubble of fees and accrued interest. Get the details – listen to their latest Stride Debt Radio broadcast: A synopsis: With more and more people living paycheck to paycheck, and banks unwilling to provide short-term credit, people are finding … Continued


Justice 4 Rasmea! Activists Chain Themselves to Federal Building Doors. Arrests.


  Folks have chained themselves to the doors of the Federal Courthouse in Oakland! @Justice4Rasmea — Occupy Oakland (@OccupyOakland) November 12, 2014 The call went out last night for a 7:30 AM rally at the Federal Building in downtown Oakland in solidarity with Rasmea Odeh, a Palestinean freedom fighter and torture victim convicted yesterday of lying on her US citizenship application twenty years ago about a conviction in Israel forty-five years ago. In 1969, then 21-year-old Odeh was living in the West Bank city of Ramallah as a refugee … Continued


Three Years Later: Occupy Cal Lawsuit Still Proceeding.


Police terror didn’t just happen on the streets of Oakland. Three years ago Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley saw students and professors beaten and clubbed for the heinous crime of wanting a better tomorrow and an education system devoted to the public good, not private profit.   Like the lawsuit against Oakland for the January 28th kettle, the lawsuit against UC Berkeley and its police is still ongoing. There is no indication I am aware of that a settlement or a trial date is near.  Then Chancellor Birgeneau famously accused … Continued


Latest Poll: Einstein Has Two Legs Up on all Human Candidates; Leads with 38% to Schaaf’s 18%


Oakland North online poll results, as of 8:30 AM, Monday, November 3rd. Which candidate is your first choice for Oakland mayor? Einstein the dog (38%, 98 Votes) Libby Schaaf (18%, 46 Votes) Jean Quan (14%, 35 Votes) Rebecca Kaplan (12%, 31 Votes) Dan Siegel (7%, 19 Votes) Joe Tuman (3%, 7 Votes) Jason Anderson (2%, 6 Votes) Saied Karamooz (2%, 5 Votes) Peter Liu (2%, 4 Votes) Courtney Ruby (1%, 3 Votes) Bryan Parker (1%, 2 Votes) Nancy Sidebotham (0%, 1 Votes) Ken Houston (0%, 1 Votes) Patrick McCullough (0%, … Continued


The Occupy Oakland General Strike, a Brief Commemoration.


Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the largest outpouring of humanity onto the streets of Oakland in political struggle – and possibly for any reason – in at least sixty-five years. It may be that it will be another sixty-five years before such a mass outpouring happens again. On November 2nd, 2011, one week after the first Occupy Oakland encampment was destroyed that morning by Oakland Police and Scott Olsen was almost killed by one of their bean-bag rounds in the evening, downtown Oakland completely shut down and some number … Continued


The Berkeley Post Office is Again Occupied! Protesters Patrolled by Postal Police.


In anticipation of the attempted sale of the downtown Berkeley Post Office as soon as Monday, peeps from First They Came for the Homeless, who have been Occupying in front of Staples for more than 100 days, moved to 2000 Allston Way. They were joined and supported by members of Berkeley Post Office Defenders. Afternoon music was provided all afternoon by Dave Welsh and food by Ed Not Bombs. First They Came for the Homeless arrived about 12:30 PM, after a rally sponsored by Save the Berkeley Post Office which … Continued


Block the Sale! All Out Against Privatization! Rally & Action Nov 1st!


  RALLY & ACTION: 10:30 AM SAT, NOV 1 at Downtown Berkeley Post Office, 2000 Allston Way.   The Sale of Our Post Offices – A Quick Review • After a moratorium of sorts on the sale of historic Post Offices for almost a year… o The Bronx Post Office was sold in September, 2014 o The Somerville, MA Post Office was sold in early October o The Richmond, VA Post Office was put up for sale o On 10/24/14 the USPS said the Berkeley Post Office is “under contract” … Continued


How do You Block The Boat When There’s No Boat to Block?

Stop ZIM

With gusto! Hundreds of people gathered at the West Oakland BART at 3:00 PM on Sunday, ready to march to the Port of Oakland, boat or no Boat. It was “No Boat.” The Zim Ship, apparently being guided by a navigator who doesn’t know port from starboard, was and still is headed west across the Pacific to locations unknown, despite it’s “official” destination remaining listed as Oakland. At current speed, Zim couldn't arrive before late Weds night. Folks, I think Ima call this one soon. #blocktheboat — Heinous Ogre … Continued