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We Need a Reportback from the new Media Committee

Just that. Nothing extraordinary. We need a reportback from the new Media Commitee trustees even if it is to tell us they have nothing to report. I notice some of the old crew are pumping away at the old site, hellaoccupyoakland.  The site is still up and still using the name. I and many others would like to know what is going on.  We have had more than a week to catch our breath and simmer down.  So in addition to this public request I’m reaching out to those involved … Continued


STOP THE SALE Nell’s home is in danger!

ALL OUT! – NELLS AND SYNTHIAS HOME IS IN DANGER When: Thursday, March 8 at 12noon to 3pm Where: Alameda County Court House,1225 Fallon, Oakland Lake Merritt BART, 40 bus stop Homeowners names Martha Nell Myhand and Synthia Green Property address 1329 E 32nd St Oakland CA 94902 Chase Bank Loan# 1996439003 Notice of Trustee Sale #7037.72898 On March 8, International Women’s Day, my partner and I are refusing to be made homeless or exploited for the profit of the 1%. We are about to be foreclosed on by Chase … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group: Canvas, March 6; First General Meeting, March 7; Auction Action, March 8

 1. CANVASSING THIS WEEK with the family and neighbors of Mrs. Katy Mitchell WHEN: Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm WHERE: Meet outside the Starbucks in the shopping center at 51st and Broadway, north Oakland We will be canvassing as much foot traffic as possible in the shopping center at 51st St. and Broadway (Several banks have branches there including Chase, the bank that is servicing Mrs. Katy’s loan!). If you don’t know how to  canvass or approach people well in the street, we can team you … Continued


Foreclosure Defense Group needs help

In addition to fighting for Mrs Katies home we are soliciting support and members for our Foreclosure Defense Group (FDG). We are struggling to get tutorial material together, a foreclosure fighters handbook. We are developing and expanding the radical model we apply to foreclosure fights. There are three levels of involvement: Supporter : You receive email updates on all the various fights we are in and emails letting you know how you can plug in. ( This is the lowest level of commitment.) Member: You lend regular support, take on … Continued