We Need a Reportback from the new Media Committee

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Just that. Nothing extraordinary. We need a reportback from the new Media Commitee trustees even if it is to tell us they have nothing to report.

I notice some of the old crew are pumping away at the old site, hellaoccupyoakland.  The site is still up and still using the name.

I and many others would like to know what is going on.  We have had more than a week to catch our breath and simmer down.  So in addition to this public request I’m reaching out to those involved to get a handle on the situation.




5 Responses to “We Need a Reportback from the new Media Committee”

  1. baydialectic


    I wrote a long response to your analysis and you simply brushed it aside by saying that you’d already addressed my arguments, a patently false claim.

    You strike me as a centrist who’s miffed that a radical movement–that being OO–isn’t centrist.

    You can dish out criticism (obtuse as it is) but act offended when others respond in kind.

    Learn to debate and try again once you have.

  2. David Heatherly

    The new media group spoke on Wednesday, said that they are working on a set of guiding principles that should be ready I think they said early April.

  3. Simcha

    It’s so dead here because many of us who used to post here have been treated like “provincial simpletons.” I’ve never encountered such arrogance in any movement that claims to be aligned with “we the common folk” a.k.a the 99%.

    I don’t feel all warm and fuzzy about interacting on this forum after going several rounds with hardcore OO people who claim that I am “provinical, however well-meaning” as a reason why my arguments should be dismissed.

    Immediately after I was insulted the comments closed on that thread so that I could not respond to that particular “argumentum ad hominem.”

    Until everyone who posts here is treated with respect, no matter his or her opinion, I expect that the traffic on this forum will continue to die.

  4. baydialectic

    It’s unfortunate that this forum is so dead. Posting here is like shouting into a hole.