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Practical Info about Building Barricades

Building barricades Protesters in Iran are usually quite skilled at erecting barricades from garbage containers and trash. Spontaneous efforts at creating barricades are seen on every larger occasion. Though very admirable, this is an art that can be greatly perfected.Why Barricades? Barricades are very effective in creating defense lines against oppresive forces. It will seriously hamper their view of the crowd. The barricade will also prevent the basij or police from directly charging into the crowd with vehicles. While burning barricades are better at blocking the direct view of the … Continued


Quick & Easy tips for preparing for & responding to Tear gas & pepper spray 1. How They Are Deployed: Tear gas and pepper spray can be sprayed from small hand-held dispensers or large fire-extinguisher size tanks. Pepper spray also comes in plastic projectiles which are fired at the chest to knock the wind out of a person, who then takes a deep breath of pepper from the burst projectile. Tear gas is most commonly deployed via canisters, which are fired into crowds, sometimes directly at people. It’s important that you know not to pick up the canisters without gloves as they are extremely hot. Be … Continued