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Occupy Oakland to Build Garden in Oscar Grant Plaza

Call of action for Saturday November 19: We are asking the community to participate in the birth and beginning construction of a garden project in Oscar Grant Plaza. For the community, by the community. Respecting the land and feeding the people. Meeting at 11am before the 2pm rally and march. Any help, supplies, donations, ideas, permaculture/landscaping/eco-living educators and specialist are welcome. This is an ongoing community project so it will continue to expand and elaborate in the days and weeks to follow. Show up or sign up. Come and support … Continued


Occupy Oakland to Re-Occupy at 19th & Telegraph During Nov 19 Day of Action:

called for by Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11.17.11 During the Mass Day of Action on Saturday November 19, Occupy Oakland will set up a new occupation to continue the growth of our movement in the park and empty lot on 19th & Telegraph adjacent to the Fox Theater in the rapidly gentrifying Uptown neighborhood and entertainment district. The mass march planned for the day will end at this park and Occupy Oakland will begin setting up a new camp. All Occupy Oakland committees (food, security, medics, media, entertainment etc) should … Continued


National Day of Action against State Repression of the Occupy Movement

Called for by Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11.17.11 The last week has seen a coordinated attack against numerous major occupations in the US– Portland, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Denver, Oakland, San Francisco, New York and other cities across the country.  Several news reports have indicated that these simultaneous attacks were directed by the Department of Homeland Security, in consultation with local mayors and police departments. It should be clear to us that this is happening not because we are weak, but because we have become a real threat to … Continued


Saturday Nov 19 Day of Action: Into the Streets!

Called for by Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11.11.11 Download the bilingual print-ready black and white PDFs to distro and put up yourself: 11×17 posters 2 up flyers on 8.5×11″ poster text: Saturday Nov 19, 2011 Liberate Oakland, Shut Down the 1% DAY OF ACTION TO EXPAND THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT Out of the Plaza and Into the Streets: Converge on Downtown Oakland Oakland United for People’s Needs! MASS RALLY & MARCH 14th & Broadway! 2:00pm LONG LIVE THE OAKLAND COMMUNE • Solidarity with the worldwide Occupy Movement • End police attacks … Continued


Solidarity Action With Egyptian Revolution – Sat 4pm

Proposal for the Endorsement of a Solidarity Action and Letter for Egypt on Saturday, November 12th Preamble: Egyptian activists from the Tahrir Square movement have put out an international call for solidarity actions with their revolution on Saturday, November 12th. While Egypt has faded from the spotlight over the past few months, activists have never been in more danger from their on-going military government and police state. Several Egyptian activists have been imprisoned using open-ended sentences: including Alaa Abd El Fattah by the military of Egypt, which is trying to … Continued


Occupy Oakland One Month Birthday Party!

this just in from the OO events committee: You are cordially invited to Occupy Oakland’s one month birthday celebration! Thursday November 10, 2011 5-10pm in the Amphitheater of Oscar Grant Plaza Music, Dancing, Retrospective Slide Show & much more! please bring donations of cakes, sweets & party favors! SHOW HELLA LOVE FOR OCCUPY OAKLAND!!!!! 4981


Communique in Support of Port Workers in Northwest

COMMUNIQUE TO EGT (Export Grain Terminal) FROM OCCUPY OAKLAND CONCERNING OAKLAND PORT SHUTDOWN IN SOLIDARITY WITH LONGSHORE WORKERS IN LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON To: EGT CC:Alberto Weisser, Chairman and CEO, Bunge Ltd, CC:Eizo Kobayashi, Chairmen, Itochu Corporation CC:Kang Duk-soo, Chairmen, STX Pan Ocean As those of you with EGT (Export Grain Terminal) already know, on Wednesday, November 2nd, 100,000 residents, working families, children, students and Occupy Oakland participants marched and effectively shut down the Port of Oakland as part of our General Strike. Occupy Oakland passed a resolution to hold this historic … Continued


Oakland General Strike Videos, November 2, 2011

See below for videos of  Rallies, Bank Actions, Port Shut Down and other activities during the historic General Strike in Oakland on November 2. 2011.                   4032


How YOU can Participate in the General Strike!

WAYS TO PARTICIPATE ON NOVEMBER 2 GENERAL STRIKE & DAY OF ACTION called for by Occupy Oakland Occupy Oakland is calling for no work and no school on November 2 as part of the general strike. We are asking that all workers go on strike, call in sick, take a vacation day or simply walk off the job with their co-workers. We are also asking that all students walk out of school and join workers and community members in downtown Oakland. All banks and large corporations must close down for … Continued


Important Updates on 4pm & 5pm March on Port

For timing issues in order to successfully blockade the port, we will be leaving 14th and Broadway to march together on the port at 4pm sharp, and again at 5pm sharp. There will also be a critical mass leaving at 14th and broadway at 4pm as well. Take over the Port by bike! Critical Mass Bike Ride call out, to ride to the Port at 4pm, from Oscar Grant Plaza (Frank Ogawa Plaza) and shut it down. Ride in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, and the General strike. 2768