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protest shifts, eat & drink local

When will OWS-510 do something productive like “protest shifts” outside the major criminal financial institutions? They could protest 24/7 so people could still feel that sense of community.  In every city in America people could do “protest shifts” around the banks, lenders, and all the other financial and corporate predators.  Then people could pick a different restaurant and or bar to support each night. Attack Wall Street,  Support Main Street!  Get drunk, eat well and do a 4 hour protest shift, it’s not rocket science.  We need to build alliances … Continued


“If they (police) take over the camp, we’re going to reoccupy,” Ronald “Rasta” Jones, 31, an Oakland resident who had lived in the Occupy Oakland camp since its first day, Oct. 10, said before officers moved in around 5 a.m. to evict people. “Our objective is for them to keep spending money. … We’re not going to stop.” proof that some people in occupy oakland want to bankrupt our city. how would destroying the city government of oakland regulate wall street’s excesses? my guess is wall street would crap on … Continued


wasted opportunity

occupy oakland you broke my heart i tried to love you from the start this is not egypt or arab spring in california we need our own thing parents, teachers and working types not those anarcho-libertarians on bikes thank you black block for spoiling the fun narcissistic time and again yes you’re the ones food not bombs and ak press destroyed occupy oakland and created this mess   6460


free oakland dump anarchists FODA!

occupy? occupado! toyota prius — chevy silverado look @ me is their motto attacking gov’t instead of banks general assembly? i say no thanks! vegan food w/ filthy hands get out the soap, mustard & ham if yall really were, the 99% oakland would be trashed, destroyed & spent i never thought i’d support the cops now i keep praying for yall to stop focus your attention & fight for us or go back home & shut the f*ck up 6452