wasted opportunity

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occupy oakland you broke my heart
i tried to love you from the start
this is not egypt or arab spring
in california we need our own thing
parents, teachers and working types
not those anarcho-libertarians on bikes

thank you black block
for spoiling the fun
narcissistic time and again
yes you’re the ones
food not bombs and ak press
destroyed occupy oakland and created this mess


libertarians are anarchists



3 Responses to “wasted opportunity”

  1. teachforjustice

    AK Press ruined the fun and started the riots? Pretty sure they were home fast asleep by 10pm, getting ready to go to work the next day. Food not Bombs? Are we supposed to take you seriously?

  2. David Heatherly

    I think the guy who posted this means “wasted opportunity for the revolution that I want.” But it’s not yours either. It’s whoever shows up.

  3. rhapsode

    Actually, this is not true. Dig a little into the writings of libertarian heroes like Ludwig von Mises and you’ll find they support authoritarian government to support the liberty of *property*, which is what libertarianism in that right-wing sense is all about. Moreover, most anarchists are not Black Bloc types–they favor voluntary association over coercion as the basis for society. Social anarchism has a long history and a rich theoretical tradition.