Strike Debt Radio: Student Debt – Unleashing Student Angst.

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Strike Debt Bay Area produced its third radio show, aired on KPFA on the Morning Mix on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014. This segment is part II on the topic of student debt. Hear Strike-Debters Cassie and Mike interview Annie McClanahan, author and activist, about re-imagining infinite indebtedness as pure potential for solidarity, and Justin Tombolesi, a student at UC Berkeley talk aboujt a new Strike Debt Chapter that’s revving up at UC Berkeley. Plus the Strike Debt Song!

Here’s part 1 of Student Debt, aired on December 18th.

The first show, aired on KPFA on the Morning Mix on December 4th, gives a more general introduction to all forms of debt, with person-in-the-street interviews of people talking about how they feel about their debt. Here’s that first the segment:


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