Two-Faced Quan Talks With Port Truckers. Then Sues Them.

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In a move that is right out of the playbook of Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase – promising a homeowner a loan motification then immediately instituting foreclosure procedings – Mayor Jean (Two-Quanface) Quan today approved of the City of Oakland suing two Port Truckers for “unlimited damages” in the wake of their labor action two weeks ago. That after she had agreed to help them pull together a meeting with Port of Oakland authorities and others.

According to a press release issued by Port Truckers Solidarity Quan persuaded the Port Truckers to return to work in exchange for brokering talks. Instead, Oakland filed suit.

After truckers shut down the port a second time with pickets on the morning of October 21 and followed with a major slowdown for a second day, in which local port truckers refused to work and staged pickets at the SSA terminal, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan requested a meeting with representatives for the Port Truckers to persuade them to return to work.

Mayor Quan asked for 10 days in which to pull together a meeting to discuss Port Truckers’ demands with Port commissioners, legislators, and members of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), but has not contacted them since to schedule such a meeting. Now, 11 days later, at least two representatives are being sued for unlimited damages exceeding $25,000. Port of Oakland truckers are some of the lowest paid port drayagers in the country, a fact brought to Mayor Quan’s attention for the first time when she met with some of the same representatives being sued, in late October.


Two days ago the Port Truckers and their supporters had a solidarity picnic and BBQ out at Middle Harbor Park deep within the Port of Oakland.

Quan may have done the single thing most likely to enrage and unite Port Truckers still on the fence, hesitant ILWU rank and file and Oakland’s activist community – slapping them all across the face with a lawsuit against those who are down and out, organizing for a better life.

Has Quan and the City of Oakland committed some “economic violence” of their own?

Shots from the BBQ:


Trucks & Families, Activists & Labor Supporters

Familiar Faces.

Port Trucker. Damned Straight.

Clarence Thomas of the ILWU (2nd from left) Stands in Solidarity with the Port Truckers


Imperial QuanWalkers Are Coming

Lots more beautiful photos of the BBQ:

From OO’s Daniel Arauz.

And from Katie Loncke.

Image/Cartoon by Susie Cagle.


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