OO & JAB Stand in Solidarity with BART Workers on Strike.

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Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition and Occupy Oakland peeps stood alongside SEIU 1021 rank and file as they shut down the Port of Oakland almost a year ago.

 photo oo-peep-port-11-12_zpsdb8640e9.jpg J4AB in support of SEIU photo seiu-strike-banner.jpg

With the BART strike now official, J4AB once again stands with SEIU 1021 rank and file and all the other BART workers involved. JAB coalition members at the Alan Blueford Center for Justice (Office and Facebook) produced this awesome video:

Occupy Oakland passed a resolution on October 10th, 2013 in support of BART and AC Transit workers and a possible strike. Excerpts:

Whereas, we support BART and AC transit workers and the demand for no concessions…

Whereas, we support George Figueroa, former ATU strike coordinator, and demand the DA drop misdemeanor charges for falsifying a police report…

Whereas, if BART runs scab trains, we will support direct actions that union members take to defend the picket…

Whereas, strikers are welcome to make proposals, announcements, and hold discussions about strike support and strategy at our weekly General Assemblies.

Therefore, be it resolved that Occupy Oakland endorses the BART and AC transit workers strike, as well as a possible General Strike of the working class that may follow.
Occupy Oakland also has a standing resolution entitled

Solidarity Statement with Workers and Students on Strike

which can be found here (scroll down). It states in part

From this point forward, we offer our support for all strikes taking place in the Bay Area and specifically within Oakland.

We commit to offer practical and creative support to those who walk out from union or non-union work places, with or without union leadership.

The Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition produced this poster before the short strike in July, and it is as significant now as it was then:



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