Peter Byrne Speaks to Berkeley Post Office Defenders on BlumStein: The Duo Looting the Post Office and UC.

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On Saturday, September 28th, 2013, investigative reporter Peter Byrne was kind enough to come and address a rally to save the Berkeley Post Office and fight back against the privatization of our commons.

Byrne recently published the e-book (soon to available in print!) Going Postal: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband sells post offices to his friends, cheap.”. Excerpts from the book were published in a recent East Bay Express.

In the book he describes how Richard Blum and his wife, Senator Feinstein, claim they do not collaborate but in fact work together to further their own financial interests at the expense of the American people. He documents how Post Office after Post Office has been sold for far less than fair market value and how CBRE, Blum’s company, has “represented” both the seller and the buyer of Post Office’s around the country in many of these transactions.

In his twenty minute talk, Byrne lays out the case against the BlumStein crime syndicate, and why the Attorney General of California should be prosecuting. Watch and listen to OO’s unofficial official tweeter – and new videographer – Alyssa’s video of Peter Bryne’s talk:

Some excerpts:

 photo po-not-for-sale-yes-it-is_zpsceb0f58f.jpg

“The people who deliver the mail are pretty cool. The executives, on the other hand, are not.”

“The Post Office is some of the most valuable… real estate portofolios in the country…”

“They sold the Post Offices for far, far, far under their market value, often to the business partners and clients of CBRE.”

“In direct violation of its contract for the first year, CBRE was often representing not just the Post Office as the seller but its own clients and business partners as the buyer.”

“Blum, BLum’s investment bank, CBRE and Goldman run the world.”

“The Blum mode of operation for the last twenty years, every since he got a US Senator… once you have a Senator in your family, people know that… and access to public capital has just been phenomenal for all of Blum’s businesses.”

“Not only is he a Regent of the University of California, overseeing the investment of 1.5 billion into his own business enterprises… Feinstein… oversaw over a billion dollars worth of contracts to companies owned and chaired by her husband.”

“Feinstein’s economic disclosure statement runs 250 – 300 pages…”

“As far as I’m concerned… the investigation I’ve done… is a blueprint for indictment. Acutally, Attorney General Kamala Harris, I’ve done your work for you. All you need to do is pick up the East Bay Express.”

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