GG is Still Fighting for her Home – And You Can Help

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GG is still in her home! And we are still fighting with her.

On Friday, 4/5/13, GG, friends, members of the Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group and members of ACCE invaded the US Bank at the Kaiser Building Plaza on 20th St. near Snow Park. The bank immediately locked its doors but not before most of the crew made it inside. We demanded that a bank official fax GG’s demand letter to the powers-that-be at US Bank HQ. After about forty-five minutes the demand letter had been sent, with the implicit message that GG is not going to give up her house and that negotiations for a loan modification she can afford are in order.

To sign up for text alerts, text “OOForeclosure” to 69302.

If GG’s eviction appears imminent, you’ll get a text message requesting you to show up on GG’s doorstep. She lives at 1415 Allman St., Oakland, 94602, near Highland Hospital and across from the Edna Brewer Middle School.

Please help GG, her friends, OOFDG, ACCE and others defend GG’s home.

“GG’s House.” Photo by Daniela Kantorova

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