Federal Judge Smacks Down Oakland’s Administration. That’s You, Deanna Santana!

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First she tried to censor a report about Occupy Oakland by Thomas Frazier (hint, foreshadowing here) directly related to the conduct of the Oakland Police Department.

Then she had her arguments about inappropriate behavior by Federal Monitor Robert Warshaw towards her dismissed by Judge Thelton Henderson. (Mr. Warshaw was and still is monitoring the Oakland Police Department’s (non)compliance with the Negotiated Settlement Agreement.)

And yet despite that dismissal just weeks later City Administrator Deanna Santana could not help but get into yet another argument with the federal judge. This time over the scope of authority that newly appointed Compliance Director Thomas Frazier (see) had over the Oakland Police, which barely escaped being taken over lock, stock and barrel by a Federal Receiver when Oakland accepted a deal for a “Compliance Director” for OPD instead.

I’m guessing by his reaction Federal Judges really don’t like having their authority questioned. How else can you possibly interpet Judge Henderson’s latest communication with Santana Oakland?

It has become apparent from the Compliance Director’s early conversations with officials from Defendant City of Oakland that the City is attempting to limit unilaterally the scope of the Compliance Director’s authority. The Court issues this order – which should be unnecessary – to clarify that its orders mean what they say.

And then, just to make absolutely sure no one could possibly misinterpret…

The Compliance Director’s powers are broad, and the City shall immediately cease its misguided efforts to constrict the Court’s orders. Any City officials or personnel, without exception, who fail to do so will be subject to show cause hearings before this Court as to why sanctions should not be imposed against them.

The administration responded…

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, City Administrator Deanna J. Santana, police Chief Howard Jordan and Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker issued a joint statement in reaction to the judge’s order, saying there have been areas of disagreement but they hoped to resolve them when the compliance director provides his proposed work plan and budget on April 23.

Uh huh. “Hope to resolve…” They’ve been hoping to resolve this for the last then years. I’m dreaming that Judge Henderson comes personally to City Hall, demands OPD Chief Howard Jordan arrest Santana, and then cites the whole lot of them for contempt.


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