2nd GA Agenda Item for Sunday, January 27: Bring Your Solutions to the Streets!

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At the “Bring Your Solutions to the Streets" event on Thursday, one of the plans we committed ourselves to creating are crisis centers/aid stations. These will emulate Occupy Sandy with the difference in Oakland being that the visitation upon us by Bratton and Wasserman is an unnatural disaster.  There are already many ideas on how to make these work, as well as a number of volunteers to realize them.
We’d like to propose that Occupy Oakland commit to the development of what we’re currently calling the Oakland Crisis Centers at the General Assembly this Sunday.
Here’s a partial list of suggestions for making the Crisis Centers work:

- To set up an Amazon registry for stream-lining donations

- To ask the squatters if they’d be willing to use their homes as centers

- To further develop the Biblioteca as a crisis center

- To schedule regular trips to the Food Bank for supplies

- To facilitate skill-sharing

- To organize the exchange of resources

- To ask the Medics to teach first aid at the centers

- To distribute knowledge needed for citizen’s defense against police

- To serve meals as often as possible at these centers

- To collaborate with and support existing groups that are currently doing
this work in our neighborhoods!

Please come to the General Assembly this Sunday, January 27 at 2:00 PM when
we will propose that the Oakland Crisis Centers be given Occupy Oakland
Committee status.  I hope that having two important items for this Sunday's
agenda will re-energize the GA and give the Crisis Centers and the
Anti-Patriarchy Assembly an enthusiastic dedication.

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