Picket Lines Are Going Up At The Port Of Oakland and the Airport!

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SEIU 1021 Port Workers are Going on Strike against Unfair Labor Practices engaged in by the Port of Oakland. The Port of Oakland has a $37 million surplus, yet refuses to give workers the proper information that they are required to by law. This is one of the richest Port’s in Oakland, the Federal Government has invested in the expansion of the Port to create good jobs in Oakland

SEIU was there at the General Strike on November 2nd, 2011. SEIU members walked with Occupy Oakland as we shut down the Port on December 12, 2011. Now they have asked for our help!


From the SEIU LOCAL 1021 site:


— Shuttles will pick people up from West Oakland BART station from 5 AM to 8AM, 12 NOON and again from 4 PM to 6 PM.
— Buses will be picking up from the Union Hall at 100 OAK St. throughout the day.
— Shuttles will return people to West Oakland BART from 7-8 PM. and now the Port is refusing to Bargain.

Stop Unfair Labor Practices at the Port!
Support SEIU 1021 strike!

SEIU is asking for your support!
Please come out on Tuesday, November 21 at the Port of Oakland:
9 AM: SSA Terminal 1717 Middle Harbor, Berth 57-59
12 Noon: Terminal 1 Oakland Airport
5 PM: SSA Terminal 1717 Middle Harbor, Berth 57-59


Join SEIU Local 1021 members and their allies Monday and Tuesday for an Alameda Labor Council-sanctioned ULP STRIKE!

Be a Part of SEIU Local 1021 History. The Port of Oakland will be the battleground for working people everywhere on Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 19-20) as SEIU Local 1021 Port Workers go on strike to fight unfair labor practices.

Port executives refuse to bargain, dragging on negotiations with Port Workers for the last 16 months.
Local 1021 members have fought back against unfair labor attacks from port executives, who have illegally withheld vital information related to bargaining and have unilaterally changed the terms of our contract.

Port executives are under media scrutiny for misusing public funds at strip clubs, golf outings and a business suspected as a front for prostitution. Despite a $37 million surplus, they want to impose a 15-percent wage and benefit cut on workers.

And they continue to try to get us to back down, but we continue fighting– we are the men and women who do clerical work, repair, secure and maintain the Oakland Harbor and Airport.

We are fighting for good jobs. And we will continue to stand up for the working people of Oakland and all of Northern California. Please come out and support our ULP Strike!


One Response to “Picket Lines Are Going Up At The Port Of Oakland and the Airport!”

  1. Alan Kurtz

    Occupy Oakland is anti-capitalist. Labor unions are capitalist collaborators. So why does Occupy Oakland support SEIU 1021? The union is picketing the Port of Oakland not to protest Global Capitalism but to get a bigger slice of the capitalist pie. Occupy Oakland should denounce, not support this sham.