“Something Evil Is Going On.”

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On October 16th, at 5:00 PM, the Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition held a press conference on the steps of the County Courthouse, exposing the lies, unfounded allegations, willful bias and shoddy investigative procedures of the District Attorney’s report into the death of Alan Blueford at the hands of Officer Miguel Masso. A detailed, 10-page response to the DA’s report was also handed out (see below).

The powerful video of this event is here.

Speaking are Anne Weills, civil rights attorney, John Burris, civil rights attorney and the Blueford family’s lawyer in their Federal wrongful death case against the City of Oakland, Adam and Jeralyn Blueford, Alan’s parents, Walter Riley, civil rights attorney, and “Uncle Bobby”, Oscar Grant’s uncle. The title of this piece is Bobby’s summation of what has happened.

The DA’s report is here.

The J4AB Coalition’s response is here

The J4AB press release is here.

The District Attorney of Alameda County, Nancy O’Malley (she of stay-away order fame) has slapped the Blueford family in the face one more time (beyond issuing the shoddy report in the first place), by refusing to have any comment about the J4AB Coalition written response to the report.

District attorney spokeswoman Teresa Drenick said her office doesn’t want to comment on the matter aside from what’s in the report.


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