Jail Support for Robert Smith – PFN: AUF283 Send Mail; Show up for Court

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When I was locked up in jail, I met a man named Robert Samuel Smith who was framed by the Oakland Police Department.  As a result, he is now facing up to 43 years in prison and has a bail amount set at $790,000.00.

He needs our support. All that him and his family are asking for is that Occupy Oakland and comrades alike pack the court room. His pretrial will be held on August 8th, 2012 in Department 11 at the Superior Court of Alameda (1225 Fallon St. Oakland, CA 94612).

If you would like to put money on his commissary and phone here is a link for donations: https://www.wepay.com/donations/support-inmate-robert-smith-pfn-auf283


Political Prisoner Information
Name PFN Sex Race Occupation DOB
Smith, Robert Samuel AUF283 M Black None Listed 10/29/1970
Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight
Brown Black 6’00” 270
Arrest Arrest Charge(s)
Date Time City Code Description
6/7/2012 1:30 PM Oakland PC 211-2 U + F Felony Robbery
Event Police Report Number PC 245(A)(2)+ F Felony Assault w Deadly Weapon
2329281 12-026284 PC 245(A)(2)U F Felony Assault w Deadly Weapon
Date Time Booking Type
6/8/12 1:06 AM Onview
Holding Facility Housing Unit
Glenn Dyer Jail Floor 5
Docket Bail Type Bail Amount
579567B Bail set by court $790,000.00

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