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Listen to the OPD radio scanner on your phone or your computer

OAKLAND POLICE DEPARTMENT RADIO SCANNER The free app is called: 5-0 Radio Scanner To listen on the web: The OPD radio code list (source: ): OAKLAND POLICE ALPHABET: A=  Adam N=  Nora B=  Boy O=  Ocean C=  Charles P=  Paul D=  David Q=  Queen E=  Edward R=  Robert F=  Frank S=  Sam G=  George T=  Tom H=  Henry U=  Union I=  Ida V=  Victor J=  John W=  William K=  King X=  X-Ray L=  Lincoln Y=  Yellow M=  Mary Z=  Zebra OAKLAND POLICE CODES: 187  Murder 924  Go To Your Station … Continued


No Church in the Wild (Occupy)

Occupy responds to Kanye, Russell, and Jay Z and their associated handlers at big media conglomerates across the globe: 34844


People’s School Board Meeting – Weds. 6/27 4pm @ Lakeview Elementary 5pm @ OUSD offices ( 1025 2nd ave.)

Share your vision for Oakland schools and your ideas for how to transform our public education system! Hold Tony Smith and the school board accountable to the people they are supposed to serve! Demand the district reverse the school closures, privatization trend, attacks on teachers, and special education cuts! The People’s School Board Meeting Wednesday, June 27, 2012 4pm @ Lakeview Elementary 5pm @ OUSD offices ( 1025 2nd ave.) This Wednesday is the last OUSD school board meeting until the fall. All year, we have been attending school board … Continued


A Regenerative Ag Incubator for Veterans – Interview with Deston Denniston, Vets Cafe Program (Pac NW) by Willi Paul, permaculture exchange

A Regenerative Ag Incubator for Veterans – Interview with Deston Denniston, Vets Cafe Program (Pac NW) by Willi Paul, permaculture exchange “We will undertake a survey of earth-shaping practices, beginning with small-scale domestic compost and expanding to include broad-acre soil building, infrastructure free irrigation and rain catchment, and other broad acre water conservation works. A study of civilian conservation corps field drain and tile methods, wadi systems, traditional methods of water handling such as Hawaii’s menehune channels, Australian wadies, the now popular bioswale, Yeoman’s keyline plowing, and other durable, … Continued


Stop Goldman Sachs 6/26 12 noon Oakland City Finance Committee

June 26, 2012 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Where: Sgt. Mark Dunakin Room 1st Floor Oakland City Hall The Finance Committee will discuss the city’s interest rate swap with Goldman Sachs. Our coalition will argue that the city should not accept a termination fee. Instead, our city leader must stand strong and tell Goldman Sachs that the swap is immoral, unjust, and possibly illegal! DROP THE SWAP! Bring signs! Sign up to speak! We are expecting journalists from the Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone, among others, to attend … Continued


Lack of respect shown by some at Lakeview march

Hello Fellow OOers, I am writing concerning an incident that happened at the march and rally in support of the Lakeview School  Sit-in on Saturday June 23rd. While the actual march and rally were successful and a good example of what the Occupy movement can lend to popular struggles, how we can take part in a constructive way in building a mass movement to resist all the egregious methods of corporate control, what I witnessed I believe to be an example of disrespect to this movement that must be prevented. … Continued


March to the Lakeview School Sit-In 6/23/2012 Photos+Video

Over 300 people participated on the march to the Lakeview School Sit-In on Saturday June 23, 2012. Support Lakeview School:   Sign the petition: Donate food or supplies: your contributions are always welcome, bring them down to Lakeview! Sign-up to recieve emergency text blasts text “Lakeviewsitin” to 41411 WEB: EMAIL: Visit: The Lakeview Elementary Sit-in is located 746 Grand Avenue in Oakland – directly across the street from the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market and kitty corner from the Grand Lake Theater.   34580


The Permaculture Sprout Cellar Network (A Transition Buckle). New Myth 23 by Willi Paul,

The Permaculture Sprout Cellar Network (A Transition Buckle). New Myth 23 by Willi Paul,   – excerpt – In 2015, Northern CA, Oregon & Washington seceded from the United States of America in a sacred coup d’état fueled by a feverish localism bent, new agriculture values and Transition spirits. That same year the new Union, called Cascadia, created a network for the protection of non-GMO seeds and other food sources, using decommissioned bomb shelters, root cellars and other protected underground spaces. Only a select few saw the coast … Continued


Meet Saturday 6/23 Noon Oscar Grant Plaza – March to the Lakeview Sit-In

Daily Rallies at Lakeview Elementary 746 Grand Ave. at 5pm! ( In case of a police raid, rally the next day 5 pm at Lakeview) Public education in Oakland is under attack. Literally. On Monday, the 18th, Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) police and OPD threatened the parent and teacher led sit-in at Lakeview Elementary. We re-opened the school they shut down. Now we need a mass mobilization to defend the re-opening. Instead of keeping elementary schools open, the OUSD claims they’re broke – yet 6 million dollars goes to … Continued



19th and Telegraph,  Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm: Help plan and envision the Occupy Oakland Conference that the Events Committee has started working on! Work meeting Sundays at Cafe Madrid at 11 am, 20th and Broadway. Taglines: HOW TO STRIKE THE EMPIRE BACK REVOLT FOR A LIFE WORTH LIVING tactics; unity, vision, strategy Here’s a working draft of the what the conference may look like: This August 17th through 19th we hope to host Occupy Oakland’s Liberate Everything conference at (hopefully) Laney College here in Oakland. The desire to organize a … Continued