[Pulled at 3/25/12 GA] Proposal to Form a Working Group to Explore the Pros and Cons of Endorsing the People’s Congress

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* They are going to form a committee and make an announcement then.

I would like to present a proposal to explore the pros and cons of endorsing or participating with the People’s Congress, and/or to establish a committee to do so.  We are also seeking approval to hold a national call on InterOccupy as soon as possible.

The People’s Congress has been working for the past 14 months to develop a robust democratic framework which, like the African National Congress, can become a unifying force in national politics.  There is a great deal to share with Occupy Oakland about this nonprofit all volunteer organization which is very relevant to it’s goals and processes. The People’s Congress is a fiscal project of the Alliance for Global Justice, the same organization which sponsored OSSF last month in Olympia. We have been working tirelessly to develop an agenda and process which would reflect the goals of most Americans for a more meaningful democracy, and believe that in so creating our own “People’s Congress,” we would be setting a course for the eventual transfer of real power back to the people.  This was the intention of the African National Congress, it is no less the mission of the People’s Congress.

We are essentially aligned with Occupy in several ways and have several supporters from Occupy from around the country.  We are planning to hold our Inaugural National General Assembly this July 25 – 29, 2012 in Washington D.C.  We are working to bring together several dimensions of the progressive, anti-war, climate justice, civil rights and minority rights movements, and others.

We have hundreds of supporters from around the country and would like Occupy Oakland to officially endorse our effort.  I have been involved with Occupy Oakland on several occasions, participated in our GA’s, and now request a formal opportunity to share with our commune our vision and organization.


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