[Tabled at 3/11/12 GA] Proposal to Create a Tech Committee

Categories: GA Proposals, GA Resolutions

* Proposer has not followed up with the Facilitation Committee.

Occupy Oakland needs a more centralized repository of organizational tools and talent. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time a committee or caucus needs a calendar, mailing list, or some other gadget. Occupy Oakland needs to expand its toolset of activist methods. There are those which are parallel to the physical confrontation tactics which have been the dominant front to date. This can include the use of various electronic media as adjuncts to traditional actions, such as the brilliant use of projected images during the Occupy Wall Street Brooklyn Bridge action. Occupy Oakland should be reaching out to the individuals with web, electronics, and other traditionally nerdy skill sets. This proposal, if passed, would charter the Tech Committee to fill the gap between our physical presence and our web presence.


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