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[Tabled at 3/11/12 GA] Proposal to Create a Tech Committee

* Proposer has not followed up with the Facilitation Committee. Occupy Oakland needs a more centralized repository of organizational tools and talent. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time a committee or caucus needs a calendar, mailing list, or some other gadget. Occupy Oakland needs to expand its toolset of activist methods. There are those which are parallel to the physical confrontation tactics which have been the dominant front to date. This can include the use of various electronic media as adjuncts to traditional actions, such as the brilliant use … Continued


[Tabled at 3/11/12 GA] Proposal for Finance of Inside Out: A Participatory Art Project

We are asking for financial backing of the participatory art project, Inside Out | Occcupy Oakland. We have raised almost $6,000 in less than a month on Kickstarter, and are asking for a $1000 contribution from O.O. so that we can take this project to its full potential. To put this in perspective, the Finance Committee has let us know that there is 29k in the Long Haul fund as of 2.29.12. We have taken portraits of Oakland Occupiers from all walks of life, and are pasting them onto buildings … Continued


Prison Industrial Complex

Now the protest is challenging the prison-industrial complex in the U.S. Free Mumia!! Don’t Believe The Hype!! And Remember that WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!! 23159


Proposal Queue for the March 7, 2012 General Assembly

1) Proposal to Create a Tech Committee 2) Proposal to Change Time of March 21st General Assembly to 7:00 PM to Accomodate Occupy Interfaith Service 3) Proposal for Finance of OO BBQ Assembly 4) Proposal to Recognize Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group as a Committee 5) Proposal for Resolution Against Elementary School Closures 23138


[Passed at 3/7/12 GA] Proposal to Change Time of March 21st General Assembly to 7:00 PM to Accomodate Occupy Interfaith Service

The Interfaith Tent Caucus requests that the start time of the General Assembly on March 21, 2012 be moved back one hour to 7 pm so that we can offer a national Occupy Interfaith Service and act of solidarity and resistance at Grant/Ogawa Plaza from 6-7 pm. The service will feature faith leaders from all over the United States, members of the Occupy Faith network, who will be attending a national gathering March 20-22, hosted by the Interfaith Tent at Oakland. As part of the Interfaith Service on March 21, … Continued


General Assembly Agenda 3.7.12

I. Welcome II. Welcome Announcements III. Agenda Overview IV. Proposals 1. Proposal to Create a Tech Committee 2. Proposal to Change the Time of the General Assembly to 7:00 PM on March 21, 2012 3. Finance Proposal for OO BBQ Assembly 4. Proposal to Recognize Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group as a Committee 5. Resolution Against Elementary School Closures V. Open Forum VI. Reports from Committees, Subcommittees, and Caucuses VII. Action Announcements VIII. General Announcements 23140


Emergency Demonstration Against Hate Crime Charges for Oak3 – Monday, March 12, 2012

In solidarity with and via Oakland Occupy Patriarchy: Monday, March 12th, 2012, from 12-3pm Wiley E. Manual Courthouse 661 Washington St. Oakland Join your comrades in Oakland Occupy Patriarchy as we tell the cops and the DA that we will NOT TOLERATE them pretending like they give a shit about our oppression as women, fags, dykes, queers, and trans people, so they can use us against our friends in their war of attrition against Occupy Oakland! http://oaklandoccupypatriarchy.wordpress.com/2012/03/05/pigs-are-no-friends-of-ours/ 23292


Occupy Jam Band?

I’m a vocalist, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist, and I’m in a vocal harmonies based band called ‘She Flies’. I’d love to network with other Oakland musicians and put together a little jam band project to support and entertain at Occupy events. I figure we could put together a set, maybe half an hour or an hour worth of covers to start out with, some of the socially conscious activist music from the 60’s, some stuff that’s more current… Wouldn’t be a high rehearsal commitment, I figure we could probably practice … Continued