Occupy Education California – March from UC Berkeley & All Peralta Colleges to Oscar Grant Plaza – March 1, 2012

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We refuse to pay for the crisis created by the 1%. We refuse to accept the dismantling of our schools and universities, while the banks and corporations make record profits. We refuse to accept educational resegregation, massive tuition increases, outrageous student debt, and increasing privatization and corporatization.

They got bailed out and we got sold out. But through nationally coordinated mass action we can and will turn back the tide of austerity.

We call on all students, teachers, workers, and parents from all levels of education — pre-K-12 through higher education in public and private institutions — and all Occupy assemblies, labor unions, and organizations of oppressed communities, to mobilize on March 1st, 2012 across the country to tell those in power: The resources exist for high-quality education for all. If we make the rich and the corporations pay we can reverse the budget cuts, tuition hikes, and attacks on job security, and fully fund public education and social services.

East Bay
2:00 PM: Convergence then March, Oscar Grant Plaza
5:00 PM: Community Convergence, Oscar Grant Plaza

UC Berkeley
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Open University, California Hall
12:00 PM: Rally, Sproul Plaza
12:45 PM: March to Oscar Grant Plaza
Contact: CalOccupation@gmail.com

Peralta Community College District
12:30 PM: Rally, Laney College Quad
1:30 PM: March to Oscar Grant Plaza



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