Message from a Occupy Oakland kitchen cook

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Hello Fellow Occupiers and Supporters,

As some of you know, I have been bringing home-cooked food to Occupy Oakland since the OccupyOakland MoveIn Day on Jan 20th. On that day I brought food to serve 160 people, of which I myself prepared a greens, squash and bean stew and a pork, squash and bean stew. On the 5th of feb, for the GA, I brought a vegan Indian spiced rice with vegetables, an Indian spiced rice with beef, and a “daal” (lentils) with rice. I have similarly taken cooked food for OccupySF, a meal for 50-60 people once every two weeks or more often, and you can see photographs of the details of the food preparation, the service and the contented faces on my blog
Occupy Cupertino

My expenses for food have so far amounted to about $250, not including cooking time, vegetables from my garden or gas. I will periodically post photos of my receipts. Friends have contributed $142 so far, and I will appreciate any donations that you can make. The largest amount was $75, from someone whose previous charitable donations to other causes inspired me to give of myself, and the smallest was $2 from someone at the last GA who thanked me for the food and handed me cash. At about $0.60 a meal, this person paid for her own meal and fed two others. I have committed to bringing food to one or other of the Occupy sites at a minimum once every two weeks, and will continue to do so – but currently I am unemployed and living off savings. My blog also has videos of statements by Okupistas – just people’s voices.

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