[Passed at 2/5/12 GA] Valentine’s Day March

Categories: GA Proposals, GA Resolutions

In the interest of diversity of tactics, and the spirit of love that we feel for our community, we propose a direct action to take place on February 14th.

We encourage our fellow Oakland residents to join with us to express our love for each other, and our beautiful city, on a march through the downtown Oakland area. Participants should wear red and/or pink in celebration of Valentine’s Day, and are encouraged to bring flowers, bubbles, Valentine’s candy to share, glitter, confetti, and flower petals.

We plan to hold a 6 PM rally, followed by a march starting at 7 PM. We will march through the downtown area, offering flowers and candy to bystanders, and inviting them to join us. In the event of potentially oppressive police presence, participants are encouraged to offer officers flowers and candy, and couples will be encouraged to stop marching and kiss in the streets in front of the police line.

This is to be a completely non-violent, family-friendly action, and will be open to all who are interested in joining us in an expression of love for our community and each other.


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