General Assembly Agenda 1.4.2012

Categories: GA Agendas

I.          Welcome
II.         Welcome Announcements
III.        Agenda Overview
IV.        Open Forum
V.         Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses
VI.        Overview of Process
VII.       Proposals
  • 1. Emergency Finance Proposal for the Building Occupation/Move-In Assembly Action
  • 2. Emergency Proposal to accept assistance in finding a building or commercial space to rent for an occupy oakland center space, or to utilize how ever Occupy Oakland sees fit
  • 3. Proposal to endorse Bay Area Convergence
  • 4. Financial Proposal for the Occupy Oakland Media Committee for $500 to pay for BayAction text blast for the month of December
  • 5. Buy Local Proposal
VIII.      Action Announcements
IX.        General Announcements

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