check in from kitchen

Categories: Kitchen Committee

Hi everyone. A brief check in from the kitchen. The plaza was raided on Wednesday night. there were many unlawful arrest. everyone was charged as of yesterday with a 647C, blocking/obstructing the sidewalk. Five people as of now are getting bailed and will be released in the next  24 hours, we hope. The rest of the arraignments are on Monday 9am.

Tobbi from kitchen was unlawfully arrested yesterday, Thursdays, and is being held under a felony and will have an arraignment on Monday at 2pm. Lets come out and support them!, come to the court house on Monday, if you have further questions your welcome to ask and i can try to direct you.

Meanwhile we are still trying to hold space at the plaza. we have no table right now and serving supply is often low. Food support is still very welcome. if you bring hot food to serve, if your able to, please bring gear to serve it in.  Snacks, coffee, and treats are great too. Food is the basic foundation of feeling security and love. Lets keep it alive! please contact us via email or number if you need food to cook or help transporting anything. we love you 510-205-4550 leila


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