GA Minutes: 11.30.11

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Oakland General Assembly
November 30, 2011
Fruitvale Plaza
Approximate Start Time: 6:00pm
Approximate Head Count: 109 votes (125+ present at the beginning of the meeting)

Notes by G.


  1. If you are harassed or arrested, contact the National Lawyers Guild at phone #: 415.285.1011. Not intended to replace 911.
  2. To receive updates on the movement, text “bayaction” to 41411


  • ○  Video “Immigrants For Sale,” in Spanish and English on American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), CCA (Russel Pearce), GEO and SB-1070; $5 Billion annual revenue
  • ○  All of Us or None – Speaker Manuel La Fontaine: In light of the level of police brutality that has been used in the public eye, such as at Davis, Cal, Occupy Oakland (OO) and other OWS sites, we can only imagine what is going on behind prison bars.   Bringing attention to those individuals who are “left behind” in conversation, even within the 99%, such as those who are in prison or who have felonies.
  • ○  Zachary RunningWolf, an activisit and tree-sitter at OGP who helped set up the tipi, brought up the importance of straying away from using the term “immigration” and in turn using “migration.” Calling on indigenous people to join the vigil and lead to decolonizing the 99%.
  • ○  Presented 2 of 5 proposals (see pages 2-3) – 1 was passed; 2nd did not meet quorum and is in cue; other 3 in cue for next GA as well

How can OO, as a whole, contribute to the self-empowerment of diverse communities, while maintaining solidarity with ongoing struggles in Oakland?


  •  Arts & Crafts (Sara): Will need a space and materials for poster and banner making during days of action. Meeting Thursday at 5:00pm (OGP).
  • Facilitation: Training this Saturday, December 3rd, from 3:00pm-6:00pm at 2313 San Pablo Avenue. Welcoming new facilitators as well as those who can be Spanish translators.
  • Legal (Marcus): In charge of assigning lawyers for anyone who is arrested in Alameda County (during Occupy events), and getting observers to be present on days of action.  Upcoming Events: Human Rights- Sunday, December 4th, from 5:00pm-7:00pm at the Ella Baker Center, located at 1970 Broadway.   Court Hearings at 9:00am on the following days: Dec. 2nd (36 defendants), Dec. 5th (57 defendants), Dec. 6th (50 defendants) & Dec. 7 (34 defendants) at Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse 7th Street and Washington Street Department 107. For more information email:
  • Neighborhood Community Assemblies (Laura): Presented a sign-up sheet as a call out for more attendees. Two events:
  1.  Neighborhood GA: Sunday, December 4th, at 12:00pm at the San Antonio Park
  2. Sunday, December 4th at 4:00pm at the World Empire Church: 1015 Campbell Street

Contact information: 510-832-2225

  • Religious Economic Group (Serena): Police denied canopy permit. Action Thursday, December 1st at 2:00pm (OGP) resistance training – expecting police presence.
  •  Sound (Ryan): Will be presenting a couple of proposals in the upcoming weeks, focusing on the need for funds to buy a new microphone and a sound truck for the West Coast Shut Down event.
  • West Coast Shut Down Group: Meetings take place on MonWeFri at 5:00pm. Oakland Port Shutdown on December 12th. If any of the actions to shut down the West Coast ports are metwith police force/ attacks, the blockades will continue indefinitely.   Dec. 12th: Rally at 3:00pm followed by march at 4:00pm (OGP)


1. Occupy Oakland to endorse and participate in the December 6th National day of Action Against Foreclosures (Reclamation Committee) :  Nationally coordinated day of action to fight against foreclosures and get families back in to their homes. Highlighted the fact that low-income and communities of color have been disproportionately affected by the foreclosure crisis. There have been approximately 30,000 foreclosures in Oakland since 2008.

Clarifying questions:

  • ○  Why is the focus on Oakland and not SF? A: SF is mostly rentals
  • ○  How does one get connected to these actions? What do we do?
  • ○  What is the time and place of the actions? A: Working with OO to post details of upcoming actions on the website; however, some of them can not be announced that far in advance due to the immediacy as well as to prevent them from being stopped.
  • ○  When we vote on this proposal, what does it mean? If we vote yes, are we voting yes on participating on the actions? A: OWS endorsed this national day of action and whatever reclamation action(s) OO takes on that day will be a part of the movement.



○ None

Vote Results:

  • ○  Proposal passed by 100%
  • ○  YES: 108
  • ○  ABSTAINED: 1
  • ○  NO: Ø
  • ○  Solidarity will provide body support and protection to those who are particpating in reclaiming spaces.
  • ○  Occupier from Oregon expressed his appreciation of the classic architecture of Oakland, and how reclaiming homes that are in danger of being foreclosed upon will help us maintain our neighborhoods; particularly important in light of the fact that real estate developers are taking advantage and acquiring entire neighborhoods while pushing gentrification.

2. Occupy Oakland sign on to SF’s “A Declaration from the Occupation:
Sign on in solidarity with the Declaration that was passed at Occupy SF on Tuesday, November 15th. The Declaration denounces illegal actions on the part of police force, which are ultimately aimed at displacing and infiltrating the Occupy movement. Any illegal action taken on behalf of police force stands against all of us. You “cannot evict an idea once it is embedded in the hearts of the people.” We also reject the permit process, which is aimed at neutralizing and curbing our growth. We are aimed at creating a dialogue that will bring awareness to homelessness, mental health, substance abuse, social/ political and economic injustice, etc.

Clarifying Questions:

  • ○  Aside from this proposal, if our movement keeps getting attacked, are we going to  continue with actions that express our sovereignty? A: Each one of us can become motivated to make more actions.
  • ○  How are we going to bring this to the eyes/ ears of our entire system? A: The intention is to have every Occupy site sign onto this in order to gain more support.
  • ○  In the original declaration signed by Occupy SF, there is a line that speaks on protesting peacefully/ non-violence. Can we reformulate the language of the declaration to include (or omit) this? Are we in the position to re-write the declaration? A: We can adopt the declaration with the omission of “non-violent,” not to say that we are violent, but rather as a tactic of gaining wider suppport.Pros:
  • ○  None were presentedCons:
  • ○  Even if we reformulate the language on the declaration, once we sign on, it will be to the original statement, not to one that omits “non-violent.”

    Vote Results:

○ We were not able to vote on the proposal since we did not meet quorum. Only 90 people were present at this point. Will be brought up at Friday’s GA.


  • ○  Occupy SF march in solidarity with Egypt, on Saturday at 1:00pm, Justin Herman Plaza
  • ○  At our next GA, we will be voting on the second proposal and acknowledging the beginnings of sovereignty in our movement.
  • ○  Oakland Anti-Repression Committee will post bail if anyone is arrested, but will wait until after the arraignment has taken place since the price drops at that point. Contact information:

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