December 11, 2011 General Assembly Agenda

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I.          Welcome

II.         Welcome Announcements

III.        Agenda Overview

IV.        FORUM QUESTION December 11:

There are diverse ways in which we can support the West Coast Port Shut Down and strengthen community this Monday. Today our forum is dedicated to discussing what excites us about the West Coast- Now National- Port Shut Down and how we will participate in this Shutting Down?

V.         Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses

VI.        Overview of Process

VII.       Proposals

1.        Rent Strike Proposal

2.        Straw Poll for whether to use people’s mic vs amplified sound at the beginning of GA

3.        Buy Local Proposal [Held until after the Port Shutdown]

4.        Occupied Oakland Tribune Finance Proposal

5.        Hold GA at OPD

6.        Proposal for the taking of a large social center for Occupy Oakland

7.        Commonwealth Club event panelists proposal

8.        Proposal to treat all proposals as living documents

VIII.      Action Announcements

IX.        General Announcements


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