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Oscar Grant Rally on 1.1.12

Memorial March and Rally on the 3rd Anniversary of the Murder of Oscar Grant Three years ago on January 1, 2009, Oscar Grant, an unarmed black worker, was executed by white BART police officer Johannes Mehserle. In the wake of that killing, a major political movement was launched in Oakland and across the country. On January 1st at 1:00 pm, the movement continues. We will gather at Oscar Grant Plaza (14th & Broadway) and march to the Fruitvale BART station for a rally. While the case is over and Johannes … Continued


Proposal Queue for the December 26, 2011 General Assembly

1.        Proposal to support the January 20th financial district Occupation in SF [Held until 12-28-11 GA] 2.        Buy Local Proposal [Held until 12-28-11 GA]  3.        Rent Strike Proposal 4.        Proposal to rephrase “Pros/Cons” to “Constructive Suggestion” December 25th at the Plaza, 6:40PM 14089


Please boycott meetings about having the GA in a space where you have to trespass in order to vote.

GAs should be in a totally accessible location – if attending a GA means breaking the law, then it is not accessible for those who cannot risk arrest due to parole status, past conviction, immigration status, health concerns, or other responsibilities such as having children. Not to mention that this leaves people who do not wish to break the law out of the voting process, making OO a much smaller and more radicalized group. Civil disobedience should always be a CHOICE, and not a REQUIREMENT, in this case, of voting.  Also, the proposal … Continued


Publish proposals at least a day before meetings.

What’s the sense in publishing the proposals if no one can read them until just before the meeting? I want to do some research. But I can’t. What are we voting on? For all the information we are given, we should just hold up pictures that represent each action and people can vote for the picture they like the best. Have three proposals a meeting. ‘Emergency Proposals’ who ever’s emergency they may be, should have a separate time. Barring not having quorum, and lately even quorum seems to mean less than 100, attendees would … Continued


Was Nixon more “liberal” than Obama?

I’ve been doing some reading about the repeal of the 1950 Emergency Detention Act…. this is part of what Nixon said when he signed the bill to repeal that act: “the mere continued existence of these legal provisions has aroused concern among many Americans that the act might someday be used to apprehend and detain citizens who hold unpopular views. Some have feared that it might someday be used to permit a situation comparable to the detention of Americans of Japanese ancestry during World War II. I have supported and … Continued