State of California merger with Bank of America…

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I am concerned about the merger between the State of California and Bank of America via UI benefits. The way I understand it, as the “administrator” of UI benefits BofA is now the State Depository of our SSI income taxes. This means they are collecting interest on us now. I am having trouble finding out much information about how this got implemented without consent. I have boycotted BofA for many years. Now I am being forced to do business with them and so are all of you who work, or collect unemployment, or disability, or god knows what else. All input or info about this is appreciated. Please see EDD’s news release dated June 2, 2010, #10-23


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  1. SustainableFred

    I went to Bank of America to take the money out that the State of California had put in there in my name. I got laid of from my job last year, and went on unemployment, and the State of California decided that they would pay me by giving my money to Bank of America. So I went in there today to take it all out, and everyone there was so, incredibly nice and friendly, they were practically tripping over themselves to be helpful. A manager actually came running out from behind the counter to take me out of line and help me, some poor random guy. I felt sorry for them, because you could see the desperation in their eyes, and you knew they had been getting emails saying “Be nice! Be really really nice!”

    And I took all my money over to my credit union, and the place was PACKED. There was a line practically out the door of people waiting to open new accounts. And I started crying. I was standing there at the teller just crying because it was so beautiful to see that this is actually happening.