November 25, 2011 General Assembly Agenda

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  1. Welcome
  2.       Welcome Announcements
  3.       Agenda Overview
  4.       Emergency Announcement
  5.       Forum

Share your narrative about this struggle? How do you frame the situation and what assumptions do you have?

  1.       Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses

1. All other Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses

  1.       Overview of Process
  2.       Proposals

1. Finance Proposal for reimbursement to get sound truck out of impoundment

2. Proposal to create dialog about proposals are brought to the GA before vote

3. LBL proposal to Endorse “Buy Local” week

4. Oscar Grant Committee Action Proposal for SpeakOut & March on Jan 1, 2012

5. Resolution calling for Disclosure of City of Oakland on Militarization of Police

6. Finance Proposal for paying for Port Blockade posters

VIII.    Action Announcements

IX.      General Announcements


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