November 23, 2011 General Assembly Agenda

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I.     Welcome
II.    Welcome Announcements
III.    Agenda Overview
IV.   Forum
In light of the recent eviction at 18th and Lyndon, and the previous 3 occupations, how can we move forward, reoccupy, created a 24/7 presence, and what is your role in this reoccupation?

V.Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses
1. All other Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses
VI.     Overview of Process
VII.    Proposals

1. Emergency Proposal- Creation of  24/7 Vigil at OG Plaza-Phil Horne, H.Clinton, Abdi Ismeal, Running Wolf

2. Proposal To Change Times of GA- Stephanie Demos, Teak Demos, Fatima Mojaddidy

3.  Proposal to change the time of the GA-Ra, Na,

4.  Endorsement of 99 Faces Event- Annie Lebowitz, Rachel Dorney, Sean Nassiri, Tess Unger

5.  Oscar Grant Committee proposes March and Speak Out on January 1, 2012-Gerald Smith, Krystof Lopour, Mike King

VIII.    Action Announcements
IX.  General Announcements


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