Let’s Hold Them Accountable!

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Having the right to vote is not a right at all if your choices of who and what to vote for are controlled by corrupt and greedy individuals and corporations. This is about one thing and one thing only in my mind, and that is Moral and Ethical Responsibility, without these, Democracy does not exist.

Unfortunately, if any person continues to believe that the USA is still a democracy they are, at best sadly naive, and at worst stupidly dangerous. But, when we come together in places like #OccupyOakland, we can try to find a solution, and send a message to the greedy and corrupt everywhere that the jig is up! We now know, and we will no longer be silent while murder is committed in our names using our money, while the planet is destroyed, and people are treated like commodities to be traded and exploited and otherwise disregarded. WE ARE THE LABOR ON WHOSE BACKS THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT AND WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO IT WAS BUILT FOR! WE ARE THE 99% and WE ARE DONE WITH THE 1% and all the lies.

Through this Occupation let’s hold the 1% Accountable for their Crimes Against Humanity and All Life Forms, including the Life of Our Beautiful Blue Planet Earth.

Treat them like any other criminal, confiscate their property to help pay for their crimes, make them work for free until they have reversed the course of destruction they have set us upon by creating jobs Now in redesigning our ENTIRE infrastructure to operate on Renewable & Sustainable Energy (YES IT’s EXPENSIVE BUT WE HAVE THE 1% Money Now So no problem).

These are just some random thoughts. Maybe one or two of them will help inspire the movement in some way.



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